Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Time to Rest

Oftentimes in music, songwriters forget one of the most important components of a song, which is rest. You have to give the music and lyrics room to breathe.  The rest, makes the  melody and lyrics more powerful.
I sometimes forget that. Jilda and I both have been programmed from birth that we can rest when we're dead. I've heard both our mothers say those words when they were alive. (They're both resting now.) our mothers were healthy, they never had idle hands. There was always something to be done.
Since I retired, I've tried to reprogram my self. Straighten out those gnarly kinks in my DNA.
(I borrowed this image from here)
We walked early this morning, and afterwards I made my world famous blueberry waffles. It's a treat we don't enjoy enough.
After breakfast I fed the critters and did a few quick chores, and we spent the rest of the day resting.
It's something we rarely do. But like with music, I think the rest made us both stronger, more powerful.
Y'all have a great week.


  1. So important. Stop, stay, relax. Thanks for commenting on my post today. It was a 'big' one with an abundance of editing. I do read your blog every day and keep you on first blog list.

  2. Anonymous3:09 AM

    I was all involved with the rest idea - until you went and mentioned your blueberry waffles! lol... not fair! Now I want ;-)

  3. Keep making those blueberry waffles!! That's what retirement is for!! Enjoy! take care

  4. I'm all for rest...and blueberry waffles! YUM!


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