Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Jilda makes friends more easily than me. When she walks into the waiting room for treatments, it's like a reunion.
The last visit she asked me to bring a copy of my book for one of the patients. I wasn't sure which one got the book, until today.
Two young women rolled a beautiful woman about 80 into the waiting room in a wheelchair. She had dark circles under her eyes, but her face brightened when she saw Jilda.
She chatted with Jilda (and me) like they'd known each other all their lives. It seems she learned during her last visit that her cancer had spread to her lungs. She has good days and bad days she explained. She said that sometimes when she feels down, she will reach for my book and read a few stories.
This caught me a little off guard because I hadn't realized she was the one who Jilda gave the book to.
She said I really enjoyed the story about Ol' Buddy
A while later she said the one about you having to wait for Jilda to get ready makes me smile every time. She was talking about the story entitled shoes. 
It was obvious to me the lady was very ill and as they wheeled her back toward the treatment room, she called over her shoulder, I'll save a place for you.
When nurses called Jilda back, true to her word, she'd asked the treatment nurses to save a place by her for Jilda.
Sometimes at night when I'm sitting here cluelessly tapping keys, I find myself wondering why I bother to write.
Today, Rosemary answered that question for me.


  1. At the very least your writing paints a lovely picture at the end of the day. At most, it can cheer someone's heart who needs it very badly. It's surprising how the smallest things can affect people in the biggest ways. Keep it up - I know I look forward to reading what you write each day!

  2. People make a big deal about Angels...if we believe, are they real, do we all have one who is assigned to us...I believe we can be Angels to others. We never know how we touch other lives in the simple or complex things we do. Sometimes I think we can be just what the Doctor your book is to that sweet lady who only has a very short time left. As Jilda is for all the people she befriends easily.

  3. I have tears in my eyes now.
    Amazing how you can change someone's outlook with something you may take for granted ( not that you take your gift for granted!)
    When my husband's mom was going through chemo, there was a room full of very sick people getting their chemo and a couple of them really brought a smile to my face with their positivity. God sends those people to us for a reason.
    Your lovely wife sounds like one of those people.

  4. It's nice when you can make a difference :) Good for you!! :)

  5. That's lovely, Rick. You won the jewel in your crown.


  6. Keep writing - your words are powerful! Take care

  7. What a beautiful story this morning Rick! Sometimes just a simple act can bring so much joy to another person's life. Your writing makes a difference in this world.

  8. Rick,
    A lovely testimony to Jilda's positive impact on others, and a nice tribute to your writing, too.

    Good for both of you!


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