Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Promise of Rain

I'm not whining. Let me just say that up front. The folks on the east coast have been hammered the last few days by brutal heat.
It's rare for someone, let's say in Washington D.C., to complain that "It's hotter here than it is in
Ala-Freakin-Bama. But it was.
Now today was toasty here. We walked this morning while the chickens were still yawning, but by the end of our trek, it looked as if we'd both been in an outdoor shower with our clothes on.
The weatherman has been saying that there's no rain in sight, but tonight when we clicked over to the weather channel, some of the computer models show that we could get a shower by mid-day tomorrow.
I would do a happy dance if that were to come to pass.
I shot this photo a few days ago. I am fascinated by clouds. Sometimes when you least expect it, they take on a shape that takes your breath away.
This particular formation looks like an angry dove in flight. I know, I've never seen an angry dove, but in my mind, this is how one would look if he were miffed.
Y'all have a remarkable Sunday.


  1. Beautiful shot - very dramatic, and such lovely colours. Hope you get your rain!

  2. Rick, that is an INCREDIBLE photo. That is one to make into a poster. I see a fabulous angel in it. WOW. Loved it. Y'all have a wonderful weekend, too! Thanks for sharing. Susan p.s. HOPE you guys get rain soon. We had a downpour this afternoon and tonight the air is cool again. Thank goodness as it will be so much more pleasant to sleep with the windows open.

  3. Beautiful photo of the angry bird. My daughter got rain today up in Massachusetts - she said it just poured, and then they got a double rainbow. Maybe it is headed your way. We can always hope!

  4. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Great shot, I too love clouds. On my recent trip I took quite a few shots of clouds that I plan to post later next week. You inspired me to go buy some sunflowers for my nightstand. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Anonymous1:58 AM

    I see the angry dove! :) That's a really neat pic! In fact, it's rather magnificent :)

  6. This post should have been called When Eagles Fly.
    What a great shot!!!

  7. Anonymous11:19 AM

    love the cloud formation, hope you have rain...we're getting deluged here in west central Florida from the storm in the gulf...hope some comes your way!

  8. I'm doing the rain hope dance here. We did get a couple of rain days last week but it's been dry and hot this summer. Maybe tonight they say..whoever "they" are better be right! I thought that cloud looked like an angel..good shot!


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