Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Morning Deer

Yesterday when we walked around 9 a.m. it was brutal. Humidity made the air as thick as a malt. It wasn't that hot, but by the second lap, our breathing was labored.
Last night we vowed to walk early. I woke up at my usual time at 5:30 a.m. and I slipped out of bed to put on the coffee.
When Jilda smelled the javaroma, she got up and laced up her shoes. I learned long ago not to speak until she's had at least one cup of coffee, so we walked in silence.
As we walked by the barn, I heard a peculiar sound. My mind danced to and fro trying to pick up a thread of memory that provided a clue as to what was making the sound.
Then I heard the flapping of wings, and the caw of an adult crow. I realized what I was hearing was a nest of baby crows. I smiled at the realization.
Once we finished our walk, I poured us a cup of coffee and we sat on the deck and watched the morning come alive.
Just then a doe scampered out of the woods onto the field and headed for the apple tree. The corn I put out the night before was long gone, but I guess this little girls wanted to see if the corn fairy had come early.
I snapped a photo with my phone. You can barely see her in the field beneath the apple tree. I guess I'll have to adjust the summer feeding schedule to include an early morning cup for the early risers.


  1. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Isn't it one of the most amazing sights ever? One of my grandmothers lives out in the country - and seeing deer about in the early morning just makes me hold my breath! You don't want the moment to end :)

  2. Wow. That picture is beautiful and your morning sounds perfect to me. Getting up early is wonderful.

  3. Oh but I love your view!!! Wonderful! Take care

  4. That picture is just breathtaking. If I had a view like that every morning I'd be up early too! Your Jilda is like my husband. He doesn't really know his name until about 10am.


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