Friday, June 08, 2012


I bought a freestanding fire pit today. The ones we looked at a few days ago were $150 up. They were nice, but something inside said hold on bubba; look around. So we did.
Today I finished up with my interviews early and headed home. Jilda was working so I sent her a text asking if I should pick up dinner. She told me to go for it.
The timeframe was a little tricky. It was too early to get the food and head home because it would be cold when she got home.
We live about 12 miles from the nearest food place, so it didn't make sense to go home and then go back for the food to coincide with her arrival. So, I decided to kill some time.
I ran into Walmart and looked through the garden shop. That's an easy way to kill about 30 minutes.
On the way out, I happened to look at a stack of boxes on a shelf and noticed they were fire pits.
They weren't priced so I called one of the associates out and had them  scan it. It rang up for $89.
It was exactly like the one we'd seen a few days before for $150. Box it up, I barked.
The timing - no, I think I can actually call this synchronicity, was perfect because I'd just written about this a few days ago.
We can use it as-is, but I want to use the stepping stones I'm making and design a 16x16 patio with the fire pit in the center. The final "feature" will have stonework around the fire pit.
When it's finished, I'll send out an open invitation to all my blog buddies. Smores, brats, weenies, and sweet serenades for everyone who shows up.


  1. That is a lovely firepit.
    I used to have a neighbor with a firepit, and while I thought it was a nice idea, ours was not the neighborhood for it. All the houses are too close together, so my house got filled with smoke every time he used the pit. Plus, I had to listen to all the noise his parties made.
    Thus, although I am jealous of your firepit, out of respect to my neighbors, I would never buy one.

  2. We live on a small farm with about 10 acres. We have neighbors, but none close enough to be bothered with the smoke or noise.
    But you are kind to consider your neighbors.

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Well congratulations on finding such a nice deal. Love how you "barked" at the guy to have it packed up ;-) And I have a soft side for patios so what you describe sounds absolutely perfect.

  4. Anonymous9:24 PM

    That is going to be so very nice. Just the thing for cool nights.

  5. With 10 acres to block the neighbors, I'm sure you won't be bothering them. (I wish I had 10 acres to block me from my noisy, inconsiderate neighbors!)

  6. 'Synchronicity' is an awesome word!

    Hope you enjoy the summer nights around the fire pit with your friends.

  7. Now THAT is pretty. I may even visit my Walmart for that. :)

  8. Ours is similar to that one ( got it from Lowe's on super sale at the end of summer 2 years back) but we have used it only twice.
    I think a rock fire pit would be a great project! Have a nice weekend with your sweet wife and new find.

  9. We'll hold you to that offer.


  10. It's beautiful! You'll have many a nice evening gathered around it, I think.


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