Friday, November 30, 2012

Passport Pictures

Jilda and I are thinking about traveling outside the country next year. Our passports expired a while back, so we filled out new paperwork, and went today to get our new photos made.
If mine had numbers, it would look like a police mugshot of someone about to be thrown into the drunk tank, or perhaps someone busted for contributing to the delinquency of a senior citizen.
I can almost hear the dialog between the clerks. 
"ALL photographs must be taken under glaring florescent lights, and this one looks as if you can detect a bit of natural light, so please re-take it."
"These won't do either, I don't see any zits or nose hair."
"HELLO, he's smiling on this one. Am I going to have to take it myself?"
Jilda's actually looked better than mine. The upside is that not many people will ever see it.


  1. Yes today you are not allowed to smile or anything.

  2. Oh boy, I hate my passport pic...just hideous...all I ask is that it's not the one that ends up in the newspaper in the obit section after I die...even if I'm 101yrs old, I don't want that one to ever be seen!

  3. Rick! hi! i relate. my pic is horrid on my passport. i look like i just got out of bed [what the h---?].

  4. Haha, I hear you!


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