Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Old Rainy Day

It's been an old rainy day here in Alabama. I had a meeting in Birmingham today so I got out early and tended the critters.
We got a new rooster a few days ago and he had the girls hemmed up in the henhouse, otherwise the girls would have been out in the rain. Have I mentioned that chickens are not that clever?
Afterwards I headed in to town. My windshield wipers whisking clack, clack, clacking all the way.
I was mistaken about the start time so I had about 40 minutes to kill. I stopped at O'Henry's Coffee House, ordered up a Mocha, and headed out to the sidewalk tables to watch city life as I sipped my coffee.
Jilda lived in Chicago for a time and my family lived in Indiana a few months when I was in kindergarten, but I've spent most of my life in the country.
I found it strangely comforting today sitting there with drizzle dripping off the canope. I felt as though I were observer sent there from another place and time. It's funny what your mind can conjure up when you least expect it.
I could have stayed there all morning, but I finished up and headed out. Normally we have a full house at our media professional's meetings, but today several people were sick so only a few people showed up.
Tonight as I write this entry, I can hear the wind in the trees, and rain ticking on the tin roof. The weatherman says we could have some angry straight-line winds later tonight, so we might wear our football helmets to bet tonight.
Take care, and y'all have a great Friday.


  1. I like chickens. I hope that the girls get used to the new rooster. How many chickens do you have and what breed? You should post pictures of them.

    You're having rain and we're having strong winds and our January thaw. The snow has been melting for the last couple of days.I wish it would all go away. I'm ready for spring minus the flood.


  2. What a wonderful description of your day. I have often felt like that-like I was invisible in plain sight. It is an odd, yet somehow comfortable, feeling. I hope you have a wonderful night. You better glue your nightcaps on! Diana

  3. I feel like that occasionally too; invisible.

  4. weather has been strange in SC. It went from cold winds to a hot day.

  5. I would love to hear rain on a tin roof. Sounds lovely.

  6. Rick! Interesting! We had about 6"-7" of the silent white stuff and we already had 4"-5" on the lawn. A youngish guy around the block showed up with a plow and helped my tired HM finish the driveway (30'). Our snow is your rain, I guess. I love that "invisible" feeling. I really do. Take care, nigh nigh.

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  8. We've had some very strange weather here in KY thus far. It's supposed to be almost 70 degrees tomorrow. Most people are excited about it but I don't like when seasons aren't defined haha. Great post Rick. I just added you on FB if that's alright.

  9. Rain seems to bring out pensive moods. I've always liked chickens. We can have 3 hens in town, no roosters, but that is how I like to wake up.

  10. It was fairly warm here today and tomorrow will be in the mid 60's...warm enough to sit outside and enjoy people watching! We were going to go see the ice sculptures at the annual "Winterfest"..but rain and warm and ice just don't mix! Of course it's Ohio and naturally by Monday we will be back to snow! Enjoy your weekend and the rain on the roof!

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