Saturday, January 26, 2013

That is the question

I did a Google search on the "Most Famous Quote" and the first ones that popped up was by my old friend Will Shakespeare who said "To be, or not to be, that is the question."
BAM! It hit me right between the eyes.
I think the question is one that each and every human should ask themselves.

Am I going to be a writer, or not?
Am I going to be a good father, or not?
Am I going to do what I promised I'd do, or not?
Am I going to do what it takes to succeed, or not?
Am I going to live life like every day is a gift, or not?
Am I going to live my dream, or not?
Am I going to make this earth a better place, or not?
Am I going to _______________, or not? (You fill in the blank).

That is the question.


  1. Yes, we have so many defining "Am I..." questions and it's great having so many opportunities.

  2. There's one thing I can't be on your list, I can't be a good father.

    I'll fill in the blank............ Am I going to be satisfied with what I have or not.
    I'm getting there.

  3. I am going to.... is a good question.
    There is always more to do and that is what life is all about.

    My purpose in life is to defend children. I like to see them in stable balanced traditional homes with Mothers and Fathers. I like to see them safe and loved and to be given a chance to be children and not have their eyes opened just to be thrown in to a bad world.

    This is my quest in life and this is why I find many things in this world not so very good.

    You can't do everything in this world but you can stand firm in some things. lol

    Abused adults have to understand that they didn't like it, so why put it on another innocent?

  4. Am I going to step forward in faith or stay in limbo over some changes I want to make. I do love Shakespeare-what a wonderful mind he had- his words have withstood the test of time.

  5. that may be the most famous quote

  6. Am I going to give up hope in a better me, better others? Nope! Am I going to stop beginning new things just because my 70s are approaching? Nope! Am I going to waste my time finishing books I don't enjoy? Absolutely not! Am I going to go to bed so I won't drag around tomorrow? Yes; I don't want to but I am.

  7. And doesn't it often seem to be the case that those who answer themselves "not" - turn out to be "not-heads"?

    Just saying ....

  8. Very interesting. It never occured to me to question what the most famous quote would be!

  9. Never thought of it that way but you're right Rick...many of life's most important questions are somehow related to that quote.

  10. unless you're Buddhist.... then there are no questions... instead, acceptance. Along with 'what is' and "i am" etc

  11. I Am. I Am reading Wayne Dyer's, Wishes Fulfilled. I loves what he says about I Am. I Am is the heart and soul of matters.

  12. Too few take the time to really THINK about what they'd like to be or become, and how they'd like to be defined especially character wise....Thanks for that reminder.

  13. I love that every day brings new questions and that I have the privilege of changing my mind at my answers! I wish I had the answers to questions asked when I was 20 so I could compare the way I would answer them today!

  14. The more important question that begs to be answered is "Am I going to get off my butt and salvage what's left of the day to do laundry, clean house, and make dinner.... or not?"

    And since I can easily watch another two episodes of Once Upon A Time to catch up before tonight's episode airs from right where I am, I'm thinking the answer's NOT.


  15. Thanks all. I love what you've written.

  16. Very true. Thank-you for visiting my blog!


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