Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On A Roll

 I've been on a roll today. My first book Remembering Big, that I published in 2008, is out of print.  But everything I'm reading on self-publishing says that authors should format all their work as eBooks. 
So I pulled up the old files and began the tedious work of reformatting it. 
I poured myself a strong cup of coffee, and headed to the office early this morning. 
I learned a great deal with the first book, not the least of which was that marketing it is much harder that writing it.
I also realized too late, that I hadn't done a good job editing it before sending it to press. I had three different editors working on different sections, and at the last minute, I added more stories that I'd edited myself - MISTAKE.
With my last book, Life Happens, I still had three editors, but they ALL edited the entire book. As a result, a manuscript that I thought was tighter than spandex pants on a sumo wrestler, had a ton of errors. 
Thankfully, everything we found got fixed before I published.
So I'm taking my time editing and formatting the old book before I put it online. 
My target date is to have it up and available for 99 cents to anyone with an eReader by Valentine's Day.
If any of you have the urge to self publish, I'd be happy to share knowledge and resources with you.
And when I sell thousands of books, I'm getting this car.


  1. Learning not to repeat the same mistakes is half the battle.
    I think that you and Jilda would look very nice in that car. Good luck with your ebook formatting.

  2. Rick enjoyed your Life 101 tonight as I sit here reading before the weather gets bad later. Great job I enjoyed it. Kenneth.

  3. Red is your color! Good luck with the ebook..I'll look forward to reading it. I really enjoyed "Life 101" too!

  4. Love the kicker at the end of your post. I have a huge grin on my face. Go Watson.

  5. Haha! I hope you do make enough to buy that car! I hope that your reformatting will go smoothly. I'm definitely going to look into self publishing but my manuscripts will need to go through several editors first as well - thankfully I'm related to a few :)

  6. That's a beauty! Good Luck :)

  7. Hi Rick. I can just see you and Jilda in that car!! One day! I'm just popping in to say that I have just left a review on Amazon.co.uk and, also, went in and put it on Amazon.com
    Sorry for the delay, but I have only just finished the book. You will see from my Review that I absolutely loved it. Well done, and I wish you lots of success with it.

  8. I'll definitely be looking for the other book and downloading it. Love the red car! Besides everyone needs a new toy now and then!

  9. Sounds like you have a great plan there :) Good luck with the publishing. Enjoy your day!


  10. Morning Rick- Good luck with getting everything reformatted. At some point I may take you up on the offer about publishing. I will, at the time, be more than happy to compensate you in some way for your time- I remember the old adage "time is money". Good for you for taking the step that many of us only dream about taking. Have a great day- we are expecting about 6" more of snow here today- happy happy happy (NOT)-

    I can almost name that car-is it an older Porsche? Diana

  11. Good luck with the e-book.

  12. Anonymous7:39 AM

    I wish you all the best on this venture, nice car!!

  13. Best of luck to you! I really hope you get the car!


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