Friday, January 18, 2013

Kindle Reviews

I'm trying to market my second book a little but I need reviews. If you have a Kindle reader (it's only available on Kindle for another few weeks), and would be willing to write a short review for Amazon, I'll give you a free copy of Life Happens. I signed up for the free promotion, but it might not be available until tomorrow. Click here for a direct link to the book.
Marilyn Loved it, but was unable to do a review.
The more I read about eBooks and publishing the more I discover that reviews drive sales. Since I'm an unknown, I need to try and get some reviews.
Please share this with any friends who might be interested. Life Happens is a fairly short read. I would be eternally grateful.


  1. Hi Rick. I will download a copy of Life Happens onto my Kindle later on today, and when I have read it, I will be quite happy to post a review. Good luck with it!

  2. Count me in- just let me know where to download it-

  3. Rick I just downloaded it to my kindle fire and will be glad to give a review. Is your first book also available in kindle format?

  4. Sorry Rick, but I don't have Kindle to review your book.

    A blogger follower of mine does review books.
    Her name is Ann Mc Guffry, and her blog is called
    Mc Guffry's Reader.
    She may be interested in doing a review. That's the best I can do. Good luck with your book.

  5. Oh Rick! Dang, I don't have a Kindle. I so wanted to help you out with doing a Review. I could say that I am certain it will be GREAT coming from you. I feel you are the most excellent of the blogs I read. You are!

  6. I don't have a Kindle. I hope you do well with your book.

  7. I don't have a kindle, but when the actual book is available, I'll be glad to review it.


  8. I'd love to read your book. I have a problem with the kindle on my pc at the moment. It's frustrating. I think it is outdated. I need to figure out what is wrong with this... Congratulations on your book. I want to read it.

  9. Hi, Rick

    My Kindle has it downloading as we speak, and I would be happy to review it.

    Are you SURE you really want that? :) Just joshing you.

  10. That Marilyn has good taste. Wish I had a Kindle, I'd be happy to. Hope you have much better luck with your book than you did with your wasabi and contacts! :D

  11. JennyJ3:17 AM

    I have a Kindle Fire HD and I love it! It was easy to understand and the interface is perfect. Here's the one I have on Amazon If you're looking for a tablet you should check it out, I think it's very underrated.


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