Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who Ordered a Snow Pie?

It seems as though it's been raining since November. We've had a few days of sunshine, but it's been unseasonably rainy. I'm thinking about stocking our garden with catfish.
Last night it rained through the night but the forecasters said snow would come today around 10 a.m. They weren't far off. When I went out just before 10 to open the gait for to let the dogs run, sleet peppered my face.
A few minutes later the snow began to slowly fall. Soon we heard a knock on our door and our great nephew Jordan was beside himself.
 We bundled up and walked out back. I grabbed this photo milliseconds before the snowball hit me right between the eyes.

He kept saying "Who ordered a snow-pie?"
"Who wants a snow-cake?"
"Anybody up for large snow-ball?"
Jordan and his fancy boots
When he came he wore thin tennis shoes and his feet got cold quickly.

We'd started to the barn, but he'd seen about as much snow as he could take.
So, I picked him up and carried him back to the house were we sat him down next to the fireplace and gave him a cup of hot chocolate, which suited him just fine.
When he warmed up, he was ready to go again, but this time Jilda put on a pair of thick sox, and bundled his feet up in a fresh pair of shoes but these she bundled up in Walmart bags and duct taped them on his feet.
The snow began to fall much harder and before long the ground was covered completely. I'm guessing we had between 3 and 4 inches by noon.
It stopped a short time later and by 2 p.m. the sun was out and the snow began to disappear. But that is usually the nature of snow here in Alabama. It comes and looks beautiful long enough for some photo ops and then the sun comes out and it's gone.

Snow Cyprus

The Barn
Snow Discs


Self Portrait

Jordan at the gate


  1. I saw your snowy pics on Facebook today. I sure wish you could send some of that our way :)

  2. I am glad you got snow. Having snow and ice as part of our every day winter I can't get excited about it. LOL

  3. Love all the pics! Hey, you guys could be in my backyard with the pic of the snowy pine trees! Have fun, stay warm!

  4. Beautiful winter images. Yes, it's nice that the snow leaves just as we are finished playing in it and taking pictures of it. :)

  5. Nine PM we started getting snow here...looks pretty but I don't think it will last long!
    Jilda made snow boots like I used in New Orleans as a kid. We didn't need them but about twice in a childhood.

    PS I have no idea how the Tigers will do next year but after this year anything will be an improvement.

  6. Hahahaha, Rick, your self portrait cracked me up! I am so glad you got those fun photos in the snow and of the snow.

    Would you believe every home in my neighborhood has at least 9 inches of frozen snow on it's roofs? Our high today was 28°. Nothing can melt yet. I'd rather have your quick come and go snow.

  7. That sounds like just the right amount of snow! Sometimes I wish we'd get just a touch, but that will never happen this far south. LOVE that shot of the barn.

  8. snow was in our forecast today, but we missed it

  9. Kids love to play in the snow but being cold sure takes the fun out of it. I'm glad that Jilda improvised some boots for him to go back in the snow.

    Snow, we have lots to spare.. I'd gladly share lots with you.
    Have a restful weekend,


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