Monday, January 21, 2013

Life 101

I got a life lesson this evening. I went to Jilda's yoga class and when we got home, I should have taken out my contacts, but I didn't.
"I'll take them out after we eat our snack," I thought. Ordinarily that would have been hunky and dorey, but today when I picked up a few things at the store, on impulse I picked up wasabi almonds.
Most of you probably know that wasabi adds a little fire to things like green peas, sushi, and almonds.
We had Thai Tomato Coconut soup from Campbells. It comes in a box and it's delicious. Anyhow, after the soup, I opened up the wasabi almonds and ate a handful.
We headed to the office to write our blogs and I remembered I hadn't taken out my contacts. I rinsed my hands off a little and when I touched my eye to remove the contact, the wasabi lit my eye up.
So from this day forward, I will NEVER have to be reminded to be mindful of my hands before removing my contacts.
Lesson learned.


  1. Amazing agony. Hope things settled down. Bet you added a lot of cold water to the mix. Hope your eye is ok.

  2. I don't eat those things just because they're so spicy, I can just imagine getting some of that stuff in my eye...

  3. Wowza! That's nasty! I feel your pain! Luckily your eyes probably watered profusely so they flushed everything out pretty good, no?

  4. The same goes for hot peppers!

  5. Ouch!! Painful lesson learned. I have made the mistake several times. Not with wasabi but definitely with other foods/spices.

  6. What a painful experience! I don't do alot of hot & spicy because it sets my mouth on fire; I can just imagine how painful it would be in the eye. Noticed you're getting some good reviews on your book. Mine was under the name beachmama.

  7. Well that was an eye opener for sure, hahaha, sorry Rick but I couldn't help it but break into a fit of laughter.

    I hope that your pain is all gone by now and I'm glad that you learned an important life lesson. There aught to be a warning on the package, don't you think. Something to think about. lol...
    Have a painless day.


  8. Ouch! I love learning something new every day, but some lessons are more painful than others. That soup sounds interesting. I didn't know Cambell's was so chic!

  9. Oh yeah! Or...did you ever use the cleaning solution instead of the wetting solution by mistake? Oh-So-Bad!!!!

  10. OOOH Thats sounds painful.
    I do that sometimes as well.
    Not fun. lol

  11. Oh my goodness, that's a nasty lesson to learn!

  12. That's icky. I'm sorry for you.


  13. Is it only men who do these things? My husband sliced a couple of jalapeƱos the other night to spice up my black-eyed peas, which kind of hurt my feelings anyway since I thought they were already delicious. A few minutes later he was hurting from having rubbed his eye. I asked him if he washed his hands and he too said he had rinsed them. I ask you!


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