Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Something's Rotten in Rick's Truck

Since late summer, I try not to drive my truck unless I can ride with the windows down. Fortunately here in Alabama, the weather permits me to ride with the windows down most of the time.
On the few days when the temps dropped below freezing and I had to turn the heater on, it was AWFUL.
You see, something crawled up into the innards of my truck and died. Not in the cab, not under the hood, not underneath, but somewhere in the ventilation system.
I took it to the shop and the mechanic stuck his head inside briefly before retreating for fresh air. "You got a dead rat in your heater coil."
"Get him out," I blurted. Well, he can do that, but he will have to remove the dashboard and some of the other parts which will cost upward of $500.
He said, "You could just run the heater for a day or two and eventually it will go away." That was in September and my truck smells like a hyde and tallow plant.
So, I'm guessing I'll have to bite the bullet and fork out enough cash to resolve this stinky situation. If any of you have any odd jobs, I'd like to be considered. I can rotate your tires, change oil, get leaves out of your gutter, or general grunt work.
Keep me in mind.


  1. OH UGH!!! One time we were driving on a road right after a warm rain and it was covered (literally) with frogs...small very young green frogs. It was one of the oddest things I had ever seen. Well, there was nothing to do but power through them. I'm guesstimating that it was about 1/3 mile. The next day walking into the garage the stench was overwhelming. ..and it got worse from there. We put the auto through a car wash with under body wash feature and it still stunk. Even 2 years later I could "smell" that stench every time the car heated up. UGH- Good luck, Rick! Diana

  2. Rick! OMYGOSH! I truly feel for you on this one. Dead and decomposing are two words that don't go well with the words stuck or truck. I've heard they're hiring at McDonald's. ...sorry.

  3. Well, Rick, if you can do all those odd grunt jobs, maybe you can take the car apart and get the rat out to save you five hundred bucks.
    This fall, the handi-man took 6 dead birds out of my furnace pipe. Everybody is looking for a home.

  4. My kitchen sink is draining too slowly.

  5. Oh wow...not a fun situation. Not to be graphic but hopefully it will decompose soon and then it wno't smell anymore right?

  6. lol I have a problem with my drivers side door.
    I think someone tried to get inside. but they broke something down there and now the door is siezed and the only way to open it is to tear off the side panel. I don't want to do that cause then its a 600 dollar job.Maybe in the end we will have to do it and I cry every time just thinking about it. Life sucks sometimes lol

  7. I'm so sorry Rick..I'm sitting here just laughing...so sorry! (I feel kinda bad for that rat too...He thought he was getting a nice condo for the winter!)

  8. Oh, that's so icky. I used to live in a house that had horse property, and every so often a mouse would get caught inside the walls and die. It's a bad, bad smell, so I can only imagine a rat is worse. My sympathies.

  9. I can see you all feel my pain, except for Ms. Yaya who had a ha ha at my expense.
    You're on my list girlfren, you just wait :)


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