Sunday, April 07, 2013

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I'm not sure one could have ordered up a more beautiful day for an outdoor event. A good crowd showed up, tossed blankets on the greening grass, turned kids loose and enjoyed being alive.
Even though I put on sun screen, my face is red as a beet. Some of it is sun and some of it is because of
the wind.
Both Jilda and I are running on empty, so we're turning in early.

Our friend Al Blanton did us an Art photo.


  1. Sounds like a great day, Rick. Hey-just a suggestion. Any chance you can make the font on your blog a size larger making it easier to read? When I pull it up it appears to be about half the size of pica type. Just a thought- xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana, was it just this post or all of them? I use the NORMAl size which I've always used.

  2. I'm so glad you got a break from all the rain! Good fun and I love the pic too! Rest up!

  3. Sounds like this was a great day Rick.

  4. Sounds like a lovely day, I wish I could've been there!

  5. We had the gr-daughters here for the wkend. Last night we were on empty as well. Turned in early.

    WE got some rain last night! Thanks for sending it our way!

  6. Wish I was there. You should put some of your stuff on film in your blog and give us a tiny treat :)

  7. Just been to Jilda's!! Am loving these two different takes on the same pic! Yay! Take care


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