Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tax Man Cometh

I filed for an extension on our income taxes this year. I just could not force myself to do it. I kept saying
I was too busy. You know, straightening my computer cables, dusting the keyboard, putting new strings on my guitar, and other vital chores.
I kept moving DO TAXES from one day to the next on my dayplanner.  I think it was causing mental constipation.
At any rate, I sent off my column this morning to the newspaper, finished a few tasks on my list, checked my keyboard for dust one last time, and then I dove into sorting through and collecting all my documents.
Once I got started, it wasn't so bad. Go here for that piece of information, go there for that piece, bla, bla, bla.
I got sick of looking at the stuff tonight so I put everything into a folder and I'll jump on it again this weekend.
Y'all pray for me.


  1. I find that every year I get a little better at streamlining the process. And I must be getting really good at it, because of the rare times I have used an accountant they are very impressed by my preparedness.

    All the luck to ya, ours were done in February... return spent by March. :(

  2. Tax time is always stressful, I am always trying to organize myself at the last minute... I have a friend that does mine thankfully... otherwise it probably wouldn't be done either...

  3. I owe so much that sometimes I'm tempted to give up and stop filing. But I can't bring myself to do something illegal.



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