Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Fruitful Annuity

Our apple tree down at the edge of our garden is over 30 years old. I know, because I planted it myself.
We moved a house trailer up to our property before we could afford a house. Money was thin, but we saved up and bought a tree from Stark Brothers.
I planted it in the fall of 1980 and remember walking down there every afternoon after work to see if it had grown any that day.
I pampered it like a fretful baby with the colic. Three times a week I toted water in a five-gallon bucket down there and slowly poured it around the roots of the young tree.
Through the years that little tree grew to maturity and it has rewarded our trust and hard work with bushels of sweet crunchy apples.  I have never tasted a better apple.
The last several years, the weather has been unkind to our tree. The years ago, we had one of the worst droughts in memory. Then in April of 2011, the tragic tonados hit when our tree was in full bloom. Most of the flowers were blown to Georgia.
We did get a few apples, but nothing like in years past.
I spent a great deal of time this spring pruning, fertilizing, and caring for the roots. Late last week, the first blooms began to pop out, and I was encouraged. Jilda broke a few of the low-hanging blossoms off to give the house color for our company last Sunday. The scent of apple blossom in our house was like heaven in a vase.
As this week progressed, more and more apple blossoms appeared. When Jilda and I walked this morning, our apple tree looked as pink as an embarrassed cloud.
Baring any bad weather over the next several weeks, we should have a bumper crop of apples this fall.
I find it comforting that years ago, I had enough foresight to buy our little tree. It's one of the best investments I've ever made. It's a fruitful annuity.


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