Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seventeen-Year Cicada

Next week is the last of my 13-week Master Gardener's class. It's been time well spent. The class this week was on bugs.
There are over 900 thousand different kinds of bugs in the world today, most of which live and thrive

in Alabama.....just kidding. But based on the fact that we have mountainous areas, swamps, probably
the most navigable waterways of any other state in America, and we have the ocean. So all this adds up to a lot of suitable habitat for our six-legged friends.
Bugs run the gamut. Some are tiny, some are big. Some are beautiful, and some are disgusting.
Not all bugs are bad. In fact, we wouldn't enjoy most of the produce we eat if it weren't for bugs that do the pollination chores.
One interesting fact that I learned is that there are several types of cicadas. All of them make that strange chanting sound you hear in late summer.
But some cicadas develop each year, and some only return ever 17 years.
This happens to be the year for the 17-year cicadas so we'll get a double dose of their serenade.
This photograph I shot last summer of a Black Swallowtail Butterfly that happened upon our screen porch and decided to rest on the screen.
I didn't want him to become trapped so I gave him a lift to the screen door.
He seemed thankful for the hand.


  1. I miss those sounds from back east at night. Out here in Vancouver, if you hear a cricket it's a good sign. An omen almost. Hardly a cricket in these parts.
    The only sounds you hear from bugs out West here, are mosquito's and the pitter patter of coackroaches. lol Those Cicada, noisy, noisy, noisy. But a good noise.

    Still waiting for Canada Post.

  2. I love butterflies, that one in the picture is beautiful Rick... As long as the bugs stay outside I am okay with this;)

  3. I LOVE the sound of cicadas on a warm summer morning. One of my favorite sounds. Does that make me an oddball?

  4. I'm struggling with ants at the moment..thankfully our cold weather keeps bugs down..except mosquitoes. On second thought, we have our buggy problems too! Love the butterfly pic..we all need a helping hand once in a while!

  5. Beautiful picture and interesting post. Some bugs help to kill pests.


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