Thursday, April 04, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

It's been ages since I've seen a spring like this in Alabama. I had to make an early-morning run to the store after breakfast. Even though I wore warm clothes, a shiver still crept up my spine when I stepped out of my truck into the wind.
It rained again last night. To say it's been a wet winter would be an understatement. I think somehow the moon has slipped out of its orbit and took the sun with it.
There has been years that I could have gone swimming in April, but I still haven't put away the long-handle underwear.
I've talked about this before, but stretches of grey skies, and chilly wind sends my spirits southward.
The back yard is now a perfect place for things like tractor pulls and mud wrestling.
Today when the rain let up, I stepped outside and sat on the back doorsteps for a while. Our yard is just sad, and it will take weeks before I can do any meaningful work to try and put it back in order.
I soon realized that sitting out there was not boosting my spirits, so I came back inside and worked on my online songwriting course.
The class is winding down and I'm working on the last assignment. I've learned a great deal about a subject that I thought I already knew a lot about. Life has a way of putting you in your place.
No matter how much you know, if you seek, you can know more.
The rain is supposed to move out later tonight, and this weekend should do wonders for my mental health. I'm excited.


  1. We finally got some sun and I think some more may be here tomorrow. I came home with a virus that has me down and I'm not able to really enjoy the first taste of Spring....I hope your rain does let up and it gets warmer. I think the whole country has had a heck of a winter! I love it when I can learn something new everyday. Keep on learning and have a good weekend!

  2. We enjoyed a few days of sunshine and it was great but today it is back to dull and wet. Yuck for sure.:(

  3. There's nothing better than a sunny warm day and the feeling of accomplishment when you learn something new.

  4. Sorry for all your rain- Sporadic internet here so just popping in to say Hi. Hope tomorrow is brighter there- xo Diana

  5. We haven't been getting much rain here in KY at all. Send some our way Rick!

  6. Or, send the rain to Cal-i-for-ni-ay! Some springs are like that where you are, but not here. Dang it.

  7. Although we didn't have a wet winter, it is raining now, and it's rather chilly. I don't like the rain because my backyard is a swamp, but I like the cool weather. I dread the heat of summer.


    P.S. I finally have your book!

  8. Is the sun shining today? I hope so as it is wonderful here today. I think it really might be spring at last.


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