Wednesday, April 17, 2013


OK, I'm fretting a little. We got our passports back and we're making final plans for our cruise in a few months.
When I looked at the website to see if they had wireless so that I could do my blog each night, the
website said Wifi was available, but when you look a comments, it appears their results differed.
Apparently it's fairly expensive and the connection is often spotty when the ship is at sea.
Those who follow my blog, know that I rarely miss an update. In fact, when I've missed updates, there is normally weather and destruction involved. Even then, both Jilda and I find our way to a hotspot and update our blogs.
But the cruise is different. It's a planned get-away that may put me out of touch for five days.
I'm looking at alternatives just in case what the reviewers say is true. I'm pretty sure you can write the updates before hand and then schedule posts to update at a later date, but I've never toyed with that.
If any of you have experience or ideas on how to manage posts when I'm at sea, I'd love to hear them.


  1. I know the option to auto post works... I skipped blogging at the hospital because posting from my phone is painful... I really missed blogging though...

  2. I've never done anything that "tekkie" with my blog..but I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, Jack and I should go along and then maybe, just maybe, we could help you and Jilda get the blog posts up and running on the ship. I'll be poolside or someplace warm with sun and a tall cool one (pop please, I'm a non-drinker..sorry!)perhaps a slushy? Anyway, have fun and know your followers will be here waiting even if you can't post until you return. (Just don't be surprised if we show up..well, OK, be surprised because I don't think we'll really show up!)

  3. When I travel, I often pre-write my posts and schedule for them to be posted throughout my absence. That way everyone still gets to keep in touch with me.

  4. I've written ahead and scheduled them to post at certain times. It works just fine. Maybe you can still write each night you are away, and then post them once you get back into a good wifi area?

  5. All I know is what Blogspot allows you to do. They let you set times for uploading. Write them now, set the times. Then write more. And when its okay, on your vacation, to blog, upload extras. We can't get enough of you anyway. : ) Don't forget to take your laptop... and camera.

  6. I have used Bloggers scheduler for posts and it works fine. I'm with Kathy, (YaYa) and would be happy to offer my services and my husbands (both of which knowledge we have could fit in a ditty bag).
    Good luck and looking forward to those posts, scheduled or not!

  7. Wifi is often available only at certain times and quite expensive on a ship. I found it cheaper to go to the computer center occasionally and buy time there. They sell it in blocks from about 15 minutes up to a number of hours. I used it primarily to check email, but hey if you're going to be gone only five days, just chill and enjoy your vacation. You should be able to find free wifi in the Bahamas. There's an app for that.


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