Saturday, April 20, 2013

Abandonment Issues

Whenever we go out of town overnight, our dogs get miffed. They know something is up when we
pull out our suitcases.
Yesterday while Jilda tried to pack hers, Caillou went into her closet and sat on her suitcase. He wouldn't budge.
Then when they realize we're about to leave, they both become aloof as if they could care less if we were abducted by aliens and tossed into a black hole.
Once we're gone, they don't eat.  They pull all the throws and pillows off our couch and do who knows what to them in the middle of the floor.
Both the garbage cans in our bathrooms are turned over and the tissue is scattered like's it's been through a shredder.
Driving home today, I ran a conversation between the two dogs through my head.
"I'm not eating."
"We'll show them, just wait until they see my ribs poking through my side like a malnourished kid from the depression."
......But once we walk in the door, they are thrilled to see us. Within seconds, the abandonment issue is forgotten, and they both just want to crawl up into our laps.
We've made arrangements for our niece to house-sit with them when we go on our cruise this summer. They'll still be miffed at us, but they'll do much better if she spends time with them.

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