Thursday, April 11, 2013

Red Glob Approaching ~ UPDATED

I'm doing a quick update early. One look at this photo might give you hint as to why.
We are about a half inch to the right of that big red glob.
So far the weatherman is saying it will be a severe thunder storm with possible damaging winds.
I'm not taking any chances on not having power later tonight.
So, if the lights are on this evening, I'll post an all clear. If you don't hear from me, just know that my lights are probably somewhere in Georgia and I'm sitting here in the dark again.
For the folks north and south of us, keep an eye on the sky and hunker down if it comes at you.
Y'all take care.

UPDATE:  I posted the first entry around 4 p.m., and a few minutes later Jilda called to say her classes had been cancelled at work, and she'd be heading home.
I was apprehensive about her driving in the storm, but she was still reeling from a few weeks ago when she got trapped near her job for hours by downed trees and power lines.  So today she decided to make a mad dash home.
I stood on the back deck watching the sky and listening. The constant roll of thunder sounded as if I were in the basement of a bowling alley.
One moment there was a warm wind on my face, the next moment, air as cool as a Popsicle lashed my face from the other direction.
Off in the distance I heard high-level winds bearing down. The chimes on the deck and the side porch clanged and jangled. The tops of the pine trees gyrated, but they held firm.
Just then I heard Jilda's car door slam and the clicking of her heels on the front walk. She'd barely made it inside when horizontal rain lashed at the plants on the deck and I got wet before I ducked back inside.
We turned on the weatherman to watch for warnings. The lights blinked a few times, but stayed on. After about 10 minutes, the wind raced off to the east, leaving behind a gentle soaking rain. We'd dodged a bullet. Can you spell G R A T E F U L? We were.


  1. Hang in there guys! I think we're suppose to get some of that too...yesterday it was very iffy around the Pines..the winds were crazy! Put some lead in Jilda's shoes and hopefully you won't be blown away! Gotta love Spring tornado weather.

  2. Gosh - please be safe and take care

  3. I hope it skips right on by you... I don't think you need another storm after the last one :)

  4. That's life for you. One day it's all sunshine and lollypops, and the's big red globs. I've been in one for the last few years myself. The darned thing just sort of follows me around wherever I go. Then one day, you look up and the glob is finally gone and you sort of miss it, like you had come to depend upon it being there and now you don't even have the glob to count on. Good luck with yours.

  5. Button 'er up, as my Dad used to say. Sorry that you are having miserable weather. Us, too. We have more snow coming off and on for the next day and a half- UGH- xo Diana

  6. Erm, that would be safe. hehe

  7. It's been raining lightly on and off today. I heard thunder a while ago. Mostly it's just a little too warm and humid. It's almost AC weather.


  8. Hope all is well. Be sure to post an update for us.

  9. I hope that all goes is well with the both of you. Thanks for the reminder . We had more than our share here in the east coast last year.

  10. Same here Rick. Had a good lightning show and a few drops of rain in NW Florida. But it still doesn't mean we shouldn't pay attention to weather alerts.

  11. Love it when the winds change course. :) So glad everyone is safe, and that she made it home in time.

  12. Stay safe. I hope the storm will be mild.


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