Friday, April 26, 2013

Finally "Got It"

I've been a member of Pinterest for probably a year now, and without reading much about it, I posted some of my better photographes every now and then.
 Recently while I was in the cafeteria waiting for Jilda to see her doc, I read how most people use the picture board site.
Once I finally "got it" I could see the power in what the service has to offer. For example, I'm interested in improving our back yard.
When I searched on Pinterest for "Backyard Landscaping Ideas" I started seeing tons of great ideas on what to do with our backyard space. Raised bed garden spots, fountains, firepits, and killer walkways.
Here is the link to what I've repinned so far:
I can see how this can be a cool tool, so to speak.
You see a lot of fashion, hairdos, and recipes on the Home Feed. It may be because women were early adaptors of Pinterest and many of them like these things instead of say, tractors, pocket knives, and bass boats.
But you dig a little deeper, you can find some amazing photographs of almost anything you can imagine.
At any rate, I've enjoyed passing a little otherwise unproductive time, looking for ideas on how to spruce up the back yard.
Y'all have a great weekend.


  1. Hey! I'm a woman and I find the endless fashion and hairstyles really frustrating, too! ;) I tend to unfollow fashion-filled boards.

    I'm there mostly for the recipes and travel inspiration - I find the topic-specific feeds much more useful, in general, than the feed of people I'm "following" who may post only (say) 10% of stuff that I'm interested in.

  2. I love Pinterest. I am not as addicted to it as I used to be (I am more of a Twitter addict now) but I still enjoy perusing it from time to time.

  3. I love Pinterest, I use it a little more now that I have a great app on my android... I adore that I can type almost anything in the search field and it brings up amazing ideas.

    I don't spend hours on it but I check it out and pin something pretty regularly every few days.

    I am following you now... I might look at some of those backyard ideas, I have a few that I want to spruce mine up:)

  4. So glad you got it! I felt like an artist when I discovered Pinterest, arranging boards to my satisfaction. It's rather like "if I pin it, it's mine" mindset!

    I'll look at your backyard, Welcome to our obsession, Rick!

  5. I fight against adding another "thing" on my computer time. I know Pinterest is amazing by all accounts, but fear addiction.

  6. Interesting post, Rick. I should look into it one of these days. Enjoy your backyard changes.

  7. Pnterest is great for ideas!


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