Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A good day to fly

Today was a nice day here. After I started the coffeemaker, I stepped out on the back deck to get a feel for the day.
The air was heavy with humidity, which is normal for this time of year.  The rain was gone, and I could see pieces of the moon peeking through the pines. 
There were a few high-level clouds tinted pink by the rising sun.  
After coffee, we had to move more quickly than usual because Jilda had treatment #19 today. She was excited (sarcasm). 
After her treatment, we ate lunched at Nikki's which is one of our favorite restaurants. On the way home, I rolled the windows down for a while to let the fresh air blow through my hair (sarcasm).
On one stretch of highway, as we looked at the blue sky and white clouds we both fell silent.
I made sure traffic around us was clear and snapped this photo with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.
Jilda declared that it would be a good day to fly.
I had to agree.


  1. Great picture from the car, Rick. Hope Jilda's treatment went okay. 19!!!!!

  2. I love those huge puffy clouds in the clear blue sky... really nice picture :)

  3. Hope Jilda is resting now! Glad you had a great trip back home! Take care

  4. Oh, yes. Let's all fly. I can feel my wings growing.


  5. Nice photo capture. Nothing quite like riding with the windows rolled down on a late summer day, hair or no :)

  6. I hope that all is well with Jilda. The sky seems clear and beautiful to fly, I would settle for a kite. My husband agrees.


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