Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cooler Climes

Jilda does not summer well. She was in hog heaven since spring with rain and temps in the low 80s.
But this week, the rain dissipated and the days heated up. The okra loved it, but Jilda was not happy.
Today she opened her weather app on her iPad and began perusing the temperatures in Gallway, Ireland, in Telluride, Sedona and of course San Francisco.
She acted like the morning weather girl as she chirped out the highs and lows for each city. She ended her forecast with, "Here is Empire, Alabama the current temp at 7 a.m.  78 and it's expected to be slightly hotter than the hinges of hell today, with 300 percent humidity.
She then turned to me and said as she sipped her coffee, "You can stay here if you want to, but I'm moving where it's cooler."
At 8:30 p.m. and it's still 82 degrees here. When I looked at San Francisco it's 66. Maybe it is time to move.
I shot this photo of sailboats in San Francisco Bay.


  1. I don't know about cali. There is no water there and cost of living is very high.I think they owe canada a lot of money they still havent paid.
    Then there are the fires and the threat of going under water.In the day its hot and at night its very cool.
    I put the fans on and they cut the heat also if you let them blow hot air out the window it gets cooler inside.

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Poor Jilda--I know EXACTLY how she feels!!

  3. Hoping for cooler temps and lower humidity for your area.

  4. The Hurricane has been complaining about how hot and humid it is in the Bay Area. Methinks she has forgotten what it felt like to live in a dorm without AC in Iowa.


  5. The north west is where ya ought a be! Moderate temperatures.

  6. Well I'll be saying the same thing as Jilda in January - when I'm fed up with winter snow LOL.............
    Heat all year round?
    Yes please!!!
    Gorgeous photo Rick

  7. Jack hates the heat too...Alaska would make him happy! Me, I've always wanted to see Maine. Ohio gives us a bit of both. Is there really any place that's perfect? Maybe we should ask Dorthy and Toto.

  8. I am with Jilda, the heat can be so unbearable... I need cooler weather... not ice and snow but cooler weather :)

    Lovely picture Rick :)

  9. Ohio gets really hot in the summer and in the winter, up by the lake, it's downright scary. The Snowbelt and lots of ice. Down here, near Ashland, it's not so bad. I appreciate it because I grew up in the Snowbelt of New York State. I used to go out at 5:AM with a snow shovel and a broom. The broom was so I could shove the handle into a snowdrift to see if that was the one my car was under! I miss my family in upstate NY, but I do not miss the winters! Ohio suits me just fine...


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