Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just the facts

I've spent a lot of time writing about myself today. I wasn't in a narcissistic mood, but I did have two requests for a bio for upcoming music gigs, and my blog buddy Michael Estey is profiling me on his Dog Brindle Barks, blog.
He was kind enough to review my books Remembering Big and Life Happens on his blog, on Goodreads, and on Amazon.
He does book reviews and many other things on his blog, and we talked about doing a profile on me.
I find it easy to write about the things I do, but when I try to write about accomplishments etc, it makes me a little uncomfortable.
I guess it's my mother's voice I hear in my head, "Let your deeds speak for themselves, there's no need to brag."
I should be getting used to it, because I've done some in the past. My blog buddy Janie Junebug, interviewed me for her blog a while back, and she too did some great reviews of my books.
At any rate, I got through the bio's and I'm proofing the interview.  (Michael, if you're reading this, I'll send the interview tomorrow.)
Here's a photo I shot this afternoon of evening flowers.


  1. The flowers are beautiful, Rick...and I'd say you are a pretty humble man- xo Diana

  2. lol
    Ya that's the same thing I was taught. When people talk about you it's good but if you have to talk about you then that's not so good. but sometimes it's just memories you are relating and this is absolutely just fine because it reflects how you see the life that you led.
    It's your life so who better to talk about it.?

  3. It is never easy to write about ourselves... it always feels like we are bragging or we find it hard to come up with good things. Most of us find it very challenging :)

  4. lol. Should be interesting. Can't wait.

  5. Well being Canadian, Rick, we're kind of all collectively taught to be humble - from kindergarten on LOL
    Love your evening photo - looks so peaceful where you live!

  6. It's very hard to write a lot about ourselves...I know what you mean about the uncomfortable feeling.

  7. It's very hard to write about yourself in enthusiastic, glowing terms. I find, however, that a humble person can do it, and their humility just shows through so it doesn't sound obnoxious. I have a feeling you will be able to do it just fine, and what will show through is a nice man who appreciates all of the simple things in life.

  8. It's not bragging when you need to promote your books. Everyone who reads you faithfully knows that you are a sweetheart, and very humble.


  9. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Please let us know when Michael is running your interview!!


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