Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bottle Trees and Blazing Stars

Growing up, it would never have occurred to my parents to buy yard art. That's not to say our yard wasn't a pleasant place to spend time, because it was full of roses, old maids, daisies, and irises.
I spent many summer hours lying on my stomach looking for four-leaf clovers, and playing games with my friends..
Some of the flower beds were made from old car tires cut in a way that when turned inside out, their rippled edges made them look like huge blossoms. I think today they are known as redneck planters. They looked great to me.
An old wooden swing we'd inherited, was fitted to a frame fashioned out of three-inch pipe that my dad welded together. You couldn't buy one built that solid these days. It hung under the shade of mimosa trees in our yard. The house and landscape wasn't much by today's standards but it
Bottle Trees and Blazing Stars
was home to me.
Since I got married, I've spent a small fortune on beautiful things for our yard, and it would be so easy to spend a great deal more.
A while back, I didn't see the point in Pinterest, until I learned what some people were using it for, which is to get ideas.
I started a board called New Yard Improvements and then when I got a spare moment I scanned to see what others were doing in their yards. I
When I found something interesting, I repin the ideas onto my board. I still surf Pinterest from time to time.
Some of the ideas are stunning, but I can't fathom what it would cost to do some of them.
We found this bottle tree last fall at the Frog Festival.

This morning as we headed out for our walk,
I snapped this photo with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. I titled it Bottle Trees and Blazing Stars.


  1. My bottle tree (all blue) stands in the daisies and I really like how it looks summer. I still have a large collection of all kinds of bottles. I think I need another bottle tree. I love yard art. At the second house we lived in, we had those tire planters on each side of the front steps. I really like your bottle tree and those blazing stars!!

  2. I think Pinterest is about inspiration... I only go there from time to time... I could not sit on it all day long..

    Your parents may not have bought yard art, they probably made their own :)

  3. A family in our neighborhood has a bottle tree...I think it's neat!!

  4. I think we might have had a tire planter in our landscape, too, Rick. It was from a big old tractor tire. lol You can spend a fortune on yards. The rule of thumb in real estate (for turn-around) is that you should spend approx 10% of what your house is worth on improvements...total-including soft and hardscaping like patios, etc.

  5. I would like to have a bottle tree. First, I think I need some bottles.


  6. Cool photo Rick! Love bottle trees.


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