Saturday, August 03, 2013

Made in the shade

I used to fret because our front yard was barren, but it hasn't always been that way. When we first
moved a trailer on our property in 1980, the grass in the yard was thick as a cheap toupe in summer.
Of course we had few trees in those days. The small dogwood, oak, hickory and pine were young wood, casting little shade.
But as time moved on, the trees took root, and began to thrive. Where shade thrives, grass strives but usually without success.
Soon we built stone walk ways through the clay where the grass once lived.
Several years ago we built a flower bed around the giant water oak at the corner of the house. We've tried several species of plants, none of which survived very long, until we planted hastas and caladiums.
They've added a subtle beauty to our yard. You might even say they have it made in the shade.


  1. Here's another coincidence, Rick. My post today is about caladiums! We do use hostas in the front garden but most of the back beds and pots are given over to caladiums. We love caladiums! Do you have to lift them there before frost? Someone asked me today if we do and I'm afraid so. My sister in FL doesn't and they get bigger each year.

  2. Ha! I just came from Dewena's blog. I was the one that asked her if she had to lift them before winter. lol I didn't realize that you had been at your place so long, Rick. I guess you grew where YOU were planted, too. I guess you made your bed and are IN it! xo Diana

  3. Love the shot! Happy Sunday

  4. Hostas are very nice to grow and look pretty in a yard.
    The pic sure is pretty.

  5. We have lots of hostas but no caladiums. I love the hostas because it's hard to kill them! When I was growing up, hostas lined our sidewalks. We called them "man eaters" because they got so big that they seemed to be reaching out to grab us! I never knew the real name until I planted some at our first house. Mom still calls them man eaters! Enjoy your own garden of Eden!


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