Saturday, August 10, 2013

The harvest is thin

Our harvest this year has been less than stellar. The okra we planted should have started baring a month ago, but it only started blooming today.

We got a half dozen squash, one pumpkin, and an eggplant that looked more like a thumb that had been smacked with a hammer.
The exceptions are blueberries and tomatoes.
We got enough blueberries to put several quarts in the freezer. And the tomatoes are still coming in.
Back during the Master Gardener's class, I planted tomato seeds. I didn't realize it then, but they were cherry tomatoes.
The have grown like crazy. 
Jilda has used them in vegetable soup mix, and she's put several quarts up.
The peas would have been ok, but the deer are jumping the fence into the back yard and munching them each night.
Caillou the wonder collie lays with his head sticking out the doggie door and observes the deer from a distance.
NOTE TO SELF: The next dog we get should not be a "Pretty Dog" but a mutt that knows he's supposed to keep critters out of the back yard.
I'm sure the constant rainfall has kept the plants confused and reduced our harvest, but we're enjoying the things that we are getting.
Jilda and I have been in the recording studio for most of the day so we're both brain dead.
I hope you all have a remarkable Sunday.


  1. It seems we have the same issue here with our gardens, we had a ton of rain in the spring, everyone one was feeling very waterlogged... the summer had been much better:)

  2. Garden season has not been a very sucessful one here either. Our poor fig tree was not happy with the over abundance of rain. We had lots of figs but they weren't fit to eat. They split wide open before they got ripe enough to pick. Looks like hubby won't be getting a new supply of fig preserves this year. I better hide a few jars from last year for this winter!

  3. My tomatoes are finally starting to produce. My cherry tomatoes have done very well. The regular tomatoes have huge vines, they just aren't producing much fruit.

  4. I don't have a vegetable garden anymore and miss it. My environment is too harsh. But I do have blueberries, and lots of them. They are just ready now. And cranberries...yum!

  5. My garden tanked several weeks ago. Usually it produces much longer, but the weather has been a big factor this year. I laughed at your NOTE To Self - yep, those pretty dogs are only good for well, being pretty. I have one of them myself. Wanted to add that I just finished reading your two books and I thoroughly enjoyed them! The stories made me feel like I was back home all over again. :)

  6. gardens around here didn't do well this year either. the weather was just too wacky I guess.

  7. I wish I had a yard garden but I am enjoying the potted garden a lot
    It's easier not to have to bend down or hoe and to clip when things are higher up or maybe even hanging from the line lol It's even easier to water.
    It's a new way to garden in cities just for the shear pleasure of it.

  8. I envy you (in a nice way) that you have a garden. I have space for one and I've had some lovely gardens in the past, but a spinal injury hasn't recovered enough to let me garden yet. Maybe next year...

    1. Thanks for following me Deborah. You should have a "Follow" button on your blog. I would follow you.


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