Friday, August 30, 2013

When we win

We had our friend Fred over for steaks tonight. Jilda had whipped up some of her killer brownies and afterwards we sat in the great room blissing out.
We bought lotto tickets several weeks ago and we always get one number good for 10 draws. The jackpot is now up to almost $150 million.
Tonight as we conversated, we talked about all the things we're going to do when we hit that baby.
One of the things is we're going to build log cabins on the back 40 near the water, and start a singer/songwriter community.
It was a fun way to aid digestion.
One of the cabins will be on this creek bank.


  1. Aren't those "what if" dreams wonderful? I think they are good for the soul- xo Diana

  2. Those are wonderful dreams I was thinking along the same lines
    but for horses/dogs and homeless people.
    The thing about charity is that most of the money is pilfered.
    Build a few cabins and have the people come and help out teaching the animals so they find homes too. Open a library where they can come and read/paint/write/sing at night by a warm fire watching sprinkling snow outside.NO TV!!!
    If life is peaceful, the mind will heal.

  3. I'm totally gonna visit those cabins if you win.

  4. Your pic is dreamy looking..goes along with dreaming of "what if". I love to think about what to do with a big lottery win..problem is I don't often..hardly a ticket! Guess I will always be just dreaming if I don't play! Have a nice Labor Day weekend!

  5. Happy Weekend!


  6. I love those kind of dreams... ones that are just fun to think about... :)

    I would travel in Europe and then I would visit all my blogging friends throughout the world, that way I would get to see the world too :)

  7. Hope you win
    That log cabin sounds heavenly....

  8. A songwriter community sounds great.


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