Monday, August 19, 2013

The Prodigal Sun

I awoke this morning with the sound of rain on the metal roof. It's a sound I've become accustomed to this summer.
When I rolled out of bed, I headed to the kitchen to flip on the coffeemaker, but realized I'd forgotten to get it ready before we went to bed the night before.
I fished the filter out of the holder and stepped onto the deck to toss the old grounds into the compost bucket. I tried to stay under the eve, but I leaned a little too far out and a small stream of rain running off the roof, went down the neck of my tee shirt. Even though it's August in Alabama, I shivered a little as the water rolled down my spine.
I'd made up my mind a while back to stop whining about the rain and simply deal with it, so I shook it off and finished making the coffee.
Our friend Fred was off today and I'd planned to do some recording at his house. We have most of our CD completed, but now comes the tedious part which is fixing all the little glitches in the recordings.
We worked until noon and my stomach started growling like I had a live wolverine inside trying to eat his way to freedom.
When we stepped outside, the sun was high in the sky and I had to squint as I walked to the car.
I'd almost forgotten what the sun looked like.
Tonight after yoga, I noticed more clouds on the horizon, with forks of lightening jabbing at nearby clouds, and I knew we'd probably get more rain in the night.
The sun did hang around long enough to paint the evening sky and for that I am thankful.


  1. Boy- You have had a whole lot of rain this summer. Glad you saw a little sun for a while.
    Rick- Do you know anything about Orange Beach, AL? We have an opportunity to stay there and I am just curious about it-xo Diana

  2. Rick - Buddy
    We could trade with you for a few days. It is 95 here and we have not seen a drop of rain in ...oh... about six months. That is how it is here - six months of rain and then not a drop for about that same amount of time.

    Sorry about you being water-logged, but right now, I am completely dried up and shriveled to a wizened rind.

  3. The best thing we can do is go with it... just enjoy what we cannot change... you are doing a great job:)

  4. We call it liquid sunshine up here.

  5. Quite a painting there...Mother Nature is the best artist isn't she?

  6. What a gorgeous photo Rick!!!
    Love Michaels description " Liquid Sunshine "
    And a metal roof?

  7. We''re in a dry spell..just a little one. I'm going to enjoy it! If we decide to do any outside events, then the rain will return! Your lovely night sky is a nice "I'm sorry for all the rain" gift from Mother Nature!

  8. Beautiful sky - a nice bonus. I'm in the same boat as Marsha above. She is in the northern part of the state and I am in the southern part - but we both don't see a lot of rain. And we enjoy it when we do. People envy our beautiful weather here, but we envy those who DO have weather. A change up is nice, no matter where you live.

  9. We have a metal roof also; lovely to sleep to the sound of rain on it. But enough already, we have mold growing, keep a dehumidifier going nonstop and have just ordered another one from Costco. A leather sofa even has mold behind the cushions. We wiped them down and would put them out in the sun, if it will ever shine more than an hour or two at a time.


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