Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A peaceful place

When I drive to Birmingham, I often take the back roads. Well, since I live on a backroad, it would be impossible to get to town without taking one, but still, I rarely take the fastest, most heavily traveled route.
I've crossed this bridge many times and I always slow down long enough to look at the water. It's a
small tributary of the Locust Fork that empties into the Warrior River.
The reason I slow to look, is that it's shallow enough in places to fly fish. Last week, on my return trip from Birmingham, I found my afternoon schedule thin, so on impulse, I pulled to the wide place at the edge of the bridge and walked down a path that led to the water.
The river was shallow enough that you could hear the rushing sound of water against  stone. I found a dry rock as big as a steamer trunk, so I sat there on the bank for a long while.
Every now and then I'd hear a passing car rumble across the bridge, but when the man-made noise faded into the distance, the gurgling sound of water and wildlife returned.
It's a peaceful place. It's my intention to go there early enough to wet a hook, and maybe catch dinner. 


  1. Here's to good fishing and good eatin'.

  2. Go for it.
    Life is short.:)

  3. What a wonderful, almost magical, place to fine solace...and maybe dinner - xo Diana

  4. Enjoy. It's a beautiful spot.


  5. Anonymous12:26 AM

    It looks SO peaceful!!

  6. Is that a photograph or a painting? Holy cow. I'm there. Of course, there are no mosquitoes, right?

    1. Hey Murr, it's a photograph that I used my Photoshop Oil Painting filter on. I love the effect as you can probably tell by surfing back through the entries over the last several weeks :)

    2. Wow. That really works well. Makes me think I don't even need to figure out how to paint anything anymore. That should save some time and wall space.

  7. It's wonderful if you can find a spot where there is little invasion of the outside world... just to ponder and think... sounds lovely Rick:)

  8. The most beautiful scenes in this country are found on back roads aren't they Rick? The path less traveled...

  9. That sounds like a wonderful spot to capture a bit of peace. It also sounds like you need to get yourself one of those old Popeil Pocket Fisherman gadgets to keep in your glove compartment. You never know when you might have the sudden urge to wet a hook. (However, I don't recommend keeping worms in there...)

  10. What a beautiful discovery! Happy fishing, my friend...

  11. I love back roads and quiet spots where nobody can find me.
    That landscape is a gem.


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