Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red Berries in Autumn

My Aunt Edna had a Pyracantha bush growing next to her front porch. When we visited her house, I
spent most of the time on her porch.
The heart-pine planks were grey as a gun barrel, and they always smelled freshly painted. She also had the Coke man deliver cases of soft drinks to her house each week and she stored the empties on her front porch.
She also had a bench swing that hung on one end of her porch, and is squeaked rhythmically as I swung back and forth.
In autumn, the huge Pyracantha bush put on berries as thick as grapes. For some reason, it made me think of Christmas. The birds loved the bush as much as I did.
I'm not sure this plant that I found behind the barn is a Pyracantha, but when scanning back through my photographs searching for one to post tonight, I came across it, and my thoughts turned to my Aunt Edna.


  1. I love those old porch swings, reminds me of when I was growing up and porches were popular with so many houses... today you rarely see one....

  2. I had never seen a Pyracantha bush before this picture. Beautiful!

  3. Ahh, Rick you just described my grandparents porch in West Virginia. My Dad grew up there before moving to NJ after WWII. It was a thrill to go there to visit because I too would spend most of my time on that porch. And Grandpa would sit on the porch swing with me. Thank you for posting this and for evoking such warm, heartfelt memories for me!! Hugs my friend!

  4. We had a couple of Pyracantha bushes in the first house I lived in as a child. Beautiful red berries, which we were told were poinsonous. But that didn't stop us from decorating our sand cakes and mud pies with them. Good times...

  5. I'm here from Nana Diana and been poking around your blog. I'll think I'll just follow along.


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