Monday, September 02, 2013

Wacky Jupiter

I think Jupiter being in such close proximity to earth this week has affected my Mojo. A few weeks ago I had to swat ideas away like hummingbirds hitting hard cider.
But these last few nights ideas have been scarce.
Today as I sat on the screen porch and tapped keys, I decided to click on Stumble Upon. One of my search terms is Creativity.
The first click I stumbled across was a site on how to write better songs. The guy who wrote the piece suggested reading the Irish poet Seamus Heaney.
He passed away recently, so I read his biography.
He left an impressive body of work.
One poem the article writer suggested was "Digging."
Some poetry is hard to wrap your mind around, but Heaney was known for writing in a style that made is work accessible to the common man.
His poem Digging, spoke to me.
Click here to read the short poem. There is a button that allows you to hear the poem being read by Heaney.
Simply beautiful.
I can almost feel my Mojo coming back in spite of that wacky Jupiter.  


  1. Oh that wacky Jupiter... happy to hear you are getting your ideas back... I have been hearing about this poet in a few blogs I read... interesting ;-)

  2. Sometimes words come by themselves so you jot them down.
    Its something when you get them when you are fast asleep and then jump up and say to yourself, better jot it down before I forget.
    Lately we've been having too much fun going out and joking around.
    We're like kids again with no kids around lol

  3. That's a very good poem. Thanks for sharing it.


  4. I didn't even know this about Jupiter...I wonder how close it is?

  5. I had hoped to spot Jupiter last week when it was the same size as the moon..or so I heard since I never did get to spy it. I think it's suppose to do that again in a few hundred years..I'll probably be sleeping that day too. Oh, I loved the poem...we each have our own "spade" to dig our talents out..your spade is the shape of a guitar and computer keys I think!

    1. Hey Yaya,
      Jupiter being as big as the moon is a hoax. It is visible but it's nowhere as big as the moon.
      I ordered one of Heaney's books today. It's a collection from his earliest works that goes through 1975. I'm excited about it.
      Hope all is well with you and the fam.

  6. I love this poem!! What a man, artist, poet - utterly amazing. What a loss to the world!

    Keep digging Rick and try and ignore big ol Jupiter!! Take care


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