Saturday, September 14, 2013

Waning Summer

I sat out on the back deck early this afternoon and spent time admiring the late summer sky. When thunderstorms stomped through a few days ago, it swept the haze from the air and gave the earth a nice cool drink of water.
Today the clouds looked as if they'd been spray painted on a blue canvas. The breeze was cool on my face and I could tell the birds and other wildlife are making plans for autumn.
They can't really use temperature here in the south, because it can be warm enough to swim when a lot
of folks are snow skiing, but they know. I'm guessing it's the angle of the diminishing light.
It felt good to sit outside and watch the dogs frolic.
I shot this photo of a neighbor's barn a few weeks ago. Sitting in the field, it looks like a painting from the turn of the last century.
Y'all have a great Sunday.


  1. That does look like an old world painting, Rick. Summer is waning here, too, but I am not quite ready to let go of it yet- I keep praying for just a few more good days. We had frost just North of us last night- not ready for that at all! xo Diana

  2. Rick,
    I almost envy you the "first hint of fall" - since it was over ninety here today (in the SHADE)!

    I love old barns - and pictures of barns. Great shot. have a great weekend.

  3. It sure does look like an old painting subject - nicely done! Nice that you could enjoy such a wonderful day!

  4. Looks like a painting with the blue sky so bright...your words paint a beautiful picture as well!

  5. The picture does look like it is a throwback from the past, beautiful ...

    I love sitting outside in the autumn... seeing all the changes and feeling the cool breezes :)

  6. Subtle changes in time, lighting, trees...autumn is around the corner. I love that photo. Truly does look antique.

  7. Jack and I were just commenting about the geese heading watch out, they're heading your way! I'm thinking they're much smarter than us. We'll be shoveling the white stuff while they'll be vacationing at club Rick/Jilda!


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