Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ordinary things

Life if full of ordinary things...things you don't consider. It's a self-preservation mechanism that keeps
the brain from blowing a fuse.
As a processor, the brain, which misses no sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch, quickly evaluates things and puts them into a category.
Pretty woman, nice hair
Airplane, heading west
CopperheadedRattleMoccasin ....... RUN!!!!!!
It's easy to fall into a trap and believe that life is dull and uninteresting.
We as writers, musicians, and artists much challenge those beliefs.
The trick is to look at ordinary things in extraordinary ways.
Like most folks, I struggle with that, but modern technology and software, gives us opportunities that artists 20 years ago never had.
The tools we now have gives us a chance to look at things in new and interesting ways.
I took this picture a few weeks ago on the patio at the clinic where Jilda takes her treatments.
It's a picture of the back of a deck chair and my water bottle in shade with potted planters across the way.
My mind skipped over the scene, by my artist self, reached into my pocket and pulled out my iPhone to shoot this photo.


  1. Ordinary provides comfort, but at the same time allows us to see something new and different in the familiar. Great post.


  2. Fabulous! Yes too many of us miss the miracles around us everyday. I love the coloured water bottle and the lights and shadows. And that's what helps make a great artist, seeing something in things that others miss.

  3. It is truly very nice 101.

  4. Isn't it cool when we can take a picture in a way that someone can be touched by it... I am not that creative... lol... you are though :)


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