Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sleep on it

I was beginning to panic about my column this week which is due by lunch tomorrow. Normally I have it written on Monday and simply do a read over and tweak on Wednesday.
But today I still didn't have a clue about what to write. Jilda knows me like a book and suggested that I meditate with the intention of finding an idea.
It's advice I've given out before but had not tried for myself. As I meditated, I kept repeating to myself, I'll have an idea, I'll have and idea. I had to run an errand after I meditation and forgot about writing for a while.
This morning when I woke up my mind was a little fuzzy, but I stumbled into the kitchen and hit the brew button on the coffee pot, and then tossed some cold water on my face at the sink.
I then walked into my office and pulled out an old journal at random and flipped through until I found an entry for September, 25.
The journal was from 1999 and the entry was written in San Francisco where Jilda and I along with her sister Pat had flown for a vacation.
We were playing at the Napa Valley Songwriter Festival and her sister went along because she'd never been to California.
All of a sudden, my column for this week wrote itself.
Here is a photo that has nothing to do with this column, but I always like to have one because it shows up better on Blogfeed :)
Y'all have a remarkable Thursday.


  1. I should try this with the writing I do for myself, not my blog. It might just turn into something real then. Glad you found your topic!

    1. I would definitely try it. The brain is a remarkable tool.

  2. Ideas hit me in the middle of the night all the time, but sometimes, I can't remember them in the morning!


    1. Put a pen and paper by your bed, or a small recorder.

  3. Yay, I am happy for you Rick... I think it great when an idea comes to you like that :)

  4. So glad that you got your idea...and that your column wrote itself!
    Love those kinds of writings!!
    Beautiful photo of fall leaves....

  5. Hi Rick, I'm positively tired and worn out. September has been my busiest month ever. I got another calf this morning, even though I sold two little bulls, I still have 4 more calves than I have pens for... lol...

    You are right, the mind is an amazing tool. It's absolutely remarkable what it's capable of. Glad that you got your topic for your column. It must be nerving to cut it that close. Maybe you need to write a few in advance just for peace of mind.

    Take care Rick.


  6. Hi Rick,
    Thank you for replying to my email, and writing a wonderful comment in my blog! It is a honour to have you as a follower in my pages.
    Well, about your post for today, I can give you a little advice. I usually have a blank page when I sit down and try to find a story to tell. Telling you the truth, it is frustrating. What I do is to go back in time, and try to remember things that I used to do, or family, friends, pals, or even what strangers did, or about a film, or documentary I watched on TV, and then, I should find something to say in my column or passage. I've got a pen and paper ready at anytime, even when I go outside, just to record a sudden idea that occur in my mind elsewhere. I also write lyrics for my songs, but not the music. I am not a musician, I wish I could play an instrument. My paternal family were musicians, pianist, Opera Soprano Singers, and things like that. I used to sing with my aunt Helen when she was alive. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2008 at the age of 95. Her sister, my aunt Neyfer, passed away at the age of 96. They were both musicians and Opera Soprano Singers like their sister Haydee, my younger aunt. I used to have a good voice. I was a Mezzo-Soprano, but one of my vocal chords got damaged somehow. I am so happy to have met you in Blogland. Please, join me in Facebook. I am under the user name: Starry Love. I sent you a friend request, but I am still waiting for your reply to add me as your Facebook friend. I am a freelance writer and poet. I do not have a boss. I volunteer my work. I truly enjoy having you among my Online super friends. One day, I would like to watch one of your Live Shows in one of the Southern States. My hubby likes Blues and Jazz. I love American Music! Well, that is all for today, Rick. Have a superb weekend and time ahead! Have a blessed time with those you love, Rick! Greetings from Poet Starry Dawn. (I am in Skype too.)

  7. Proof positive...always listen to your wife!


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