Sunday, September 08, 2013

How Long?

There are things we love. They may not be good for us, or we may not have time to do them, or we may think we're too old or that someone will think we're stupid, but we love them all the same.
When's the last time you laid on your back and looked at cotton-candy clouds floating on a sky as blue as an Irishman's eyes? Or when is the last time you ate something so decadent that it made you giggle?
Our friends Wes and Deidra were kind enough to invite us to stay with them when we came to south Alabama for our gig at Just Folk Coffee House in Elba, Alabama.
She is a marvelous cook and she'd whipped up a batch of Slutty Brownies (not sure where the name came from) for us to enjoy during our visit.
Last night after the gig, we got to their house around 9 p.m. and she asked if anyone wanted a Slutty Brownie and some ice cream.
I never want to be called a party pooper, so I said sure. She popped the brownies into the microwave to heat them up, and then scooped a generous helping of vanilla ice cream on top. If Jilda had not joined me, I would have felt like I was cheating on her.
When we get to the end of our lives, I doubt we'll fret much that we had to let out belt loops an extra notch now and then, but I would not be surprised if we remember the great times we had enjoying food with our friends.


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    GORGEOUS PHOTO--& I want a brownie!!

  2. What a great sky shot!

    I guess if you had to undo your pants, that's why they call it a slutty brownie lol
    Sorry lol
    Wat's the recipe again?? ;)

  3. The brownie sounds decadent... I need to remind myself from time to time to enjoy food a little... just don't go overboard all the time..

  4. An experience of a slutty brownie is now on my bucket list! LOL!!

    Take care

  5. Oh-To live like that always...just enjoying the moment and BEING! I live through my grandkids in many ways and see life through their eyes. Love it! xo Diana ps. is there a term for a MALE slut? lol

  6. I can never turn down brownies and ice cream...never

  7. Great post. Love that picture! Brownies and ice cream? Can't ever go wrong with that!!

  8. I want to be a slutty brownie. I mean I want a slutty brownie.


  9. Sounds like a wonderful (and yummy) experience. And I agree. Good friends and good food are so very important to feed our souls. Besides lots of skinny people are really cranky! LOL

  10. I've had "better than sex cake" but no "slutty brownies"...they sound like great dishes to set out at a church potluck don't they? Ha!

  11. I completely agree. For some reason, good friends and good food are a perfect match. Good times always follow, and memories are made.


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