Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer's almost gone

I sat on the screen porch this morning drinking coffee while Jilda updated her day planner. The ceiling fan whirred overhead and I got a little chilled. It hasn't been much of a summer here.
Yes there were days it got steamy, but compared to other summers it would be difficult to make a case for global warming.
But what the summer has lacked in sunshine, it made up for it with butterflies. I've seen more beautiful butterflies this summer that I can ever remember.
This evening as the sun waned, I stepped to the shed and scooped a pint of corn from the feed can, and
headed toward the apple tree.
I stood for a moment at the edge of the garden, which has pretty much gone to weeds because of all the rain, to enjoy the last few moments of sunlight.
As I stood there, a swallowtail butterfly flitted up and almost landed on the cup I was holding. I stood still as a post. At the last moment, it opted for an old maid.
I pulled out my trusty iPhone and snapped this photo.
I'm not sure what I did before I got my iPhone. But there's a very good chance I would not have thrown my camera over my shoulder when I went out to feed the deer this evening, so I would have missed this photo, as well as most of the photos I've used on this blog over the past several years.
Tomorrow is the last day of summer and the weatherman says it will rain for most of the day. I guess that's fitting.


  1. Now that you mention it Rick, we had an abundance of butterflys this year too!!!
    That's a beauty
    AND - I'm just going to pretend it's summer for a little while longer,ok?

    1. Good luck with more summer Susan :)

  2. I think you must have gotten all our butterflies, Rick. We didn't see more than a handful all summer long. Is it really Fall? Not quite ready- xo Diana

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM


  4. Rick I have often thought that about iPhones as well - that they allow us to capture amazing photographs because they allow us to have a camera with us everywhere we go!

  5. It definitely has been a strange summer. I don't feel like I've got the summer I need to carry me through the year. Yes the butterflies have been in great abundance this year!

  6. It rained buckets here last night and it's raining now...oh well, every season must bow out eventually and I'm looking forward to fall..maybe I'll cry when it's gone! (because we all know what happens next..and I even enjoy the color white!) Hope you have a break in the clouds and more great photo shoots. You caught a good one here!

  7. Rick
    Nice to hear from you again. Good shot of the butterfly. I noticed more hummingbirds this year. They liked to hang around the hollyhocks and didn't seem to budge if I walked by. Where is my camera when I want it. (No pockets like you guys have)

  8. I love butterflies, thank you for sharing your picture... I live in the city so I rarely get to see one... it is always a wonderful sight when I do though:)

  9. We also had butterflies this year and a hummingbird. I am definitely thinking of setting up a feeder for that bird. The bunnies are running around every where.I love babies.
    The herbs did very well and the chile peppers but the tomatoes are still green.I had a few red ones but the rabbit came and munched them. I might have to pick them before they turn red.
    I love pot growing. I may try the potatoes. It is just for fun.
    The other day I saw them selling square shaped canvas bags to plant in.I thought hmm wonderful Idea They even had handles for easy transport. I guess you would need something
    underneath for the excess water.Once the roots are solid I think moving them should be no problem They like to be air rated.

  10. This is a beautiful photograph.
    The colors are splendid, and how light my heart is to see the butterfly!


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