Saturday, September 21, 2013

Some things are worth waiting for

It's almost apple-picking time here. Most people around began harvesting apples in late July and on through August.
One of my neighbors brought us a half bushel of apples last month and had a little fun at my expense over my crop. 
We peeled his apples and made pies and put some up for the winter. They were quite tasty, but our apples are the best I've ever eaten.
They crunch when you sink your teeth into them and juice that is both tart and sugar sweet, squirts down your chin. I cannot eat one of our apples without smiling.
They reach their prime about the second week of October.
The last few years have been lean because of the weather. Two years ago when the tornadoes raked through our area, it blew the blossoms off our tree. This past year we also had violent storms that came just as the trees were setting blossoms.
But this year, it just rained. I think all the moisture has lessened the yield, but the ones that make it through should be as sweet as ever.
I'll let you know at apple-pickin' time.


  1. We went to the orchard for the first time this year and got a couple of different kinds. I love apples and fresh off the tree can't be beat. I hope your crop is a winner this year!

  2. I love fresh picked apples, my daughter Valentina went apple picking in the valley... they are a little tart this year so I am going to make a large pot of apple sauce for her. I hope your apples taste extremely yummy:)

  3. My favorite apple is a Macintosh. It's so hard to get really good ones here in the south. Hope your harvest is a sweet one!

  4. Let us know then.
    I'm planning to go to an apple festival today...

  5. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I LOVE sweet/tart apples!!


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