Sunday, June 01, 2014

Changing in the weather

Sometimes I feel like we live in the tropics. When I was stationed in Panama many years ago, the weather was wacky at times.  Most days the sky was deep blue with white clouds so low it felt like you could stand on your tiptoes and poke your finger into them.
Then without warning the clouds swept in off the Pacific and suddenly the rain fell sideways. Fifteen minutes later, the sun would return turning the earth into a sauna.
About 30 minutes ago I heard thunder in the distance stomping northward toward us from the Gulf of Mexico. The lights flickered and the UPS on my iMac leaped into service, but then the lights stabilized.
The next thing I heard was rain roaring on the tin roof.
Just now as I helped Jilda clean the kitchen, I stepped to the deck to dump the scraps into the compost bin. Pausing for a moment, I looked up. The sky was dark as velvet covered with tiny specks of light. Off to the west the quarter moon smiled at me. How quickly the weather changes sometimes.
Below, our lemon tree is blooming again.


  1. The weather changes moods and faces unlike anything on earth. It always amazes me how rapidly it can change, especially the farther south one goes. Whenever I go to Florida, I am amazed how it can go from sunny to stormy to back to sunny within 20 or 30 minutes!

  2. The weather has been totally crazy globally! Take care

  3. I wonder if all the unrest and hatred in the world is affecting the weather. There is so much negative energy being whirled in the world to cause a change in our weather patterns.
    I hope that you have a nice sunny day.

  4. We're having some rainy spells here and there as well. We'll all look for rain come August! I'm jealous of that lemon tree. I would love it if you could grow one here, but that's not likely...oh well!

  5. Favorite Young Man lives about two minutes away from me. Sometimes it's raining at my house and it's sunny at his.


  6. Rick, I have heard the saying in these parts if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes :o)
    I was honored to hear my blog background looked like the wallpaper of your aunts. I choose to think she had great taste.I am still thinking about using a link up on a whim with a theme in mind! Like a surprise one, as so many have a flocking mechanism towards them.
    Blessings to you and your family!
    Miss Roxy

  7. We don't get weather like that where I live, but I love to go where they do. Like Colorado. It seems they have 3 different weather patterns every day. And I do love a good storm.


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