Thursday, June 26, 2014

Just in case

Cleaning out the shed last fall, I came across a corner of old tools that had once been useful, but through the years had fallen into disrepair. A handle breaks, a tine bends, or a new tool is invented to make work easier, and the old tools fall by the wayside. You see a lot of these noble tools hanging as conversation pieces at Cracker Barrel Restaurant.
I found these in the corner of our barn. They weren't my tools, they were left here by owners who are long dead, but during all the "cleanout sessions" I've always found a place to store these "just in case."
I know it's a weird quirk in my personality, but I simply can't part with them. I'll always find a place to store them, so they'll be there....."just in case."


  1. I'm sure there are lot of folks who does the same thing. My husband is one of them. sigh...

  2. Sounds like a good thing to do...storing a piece of history, so to speak!

  3. I'd keep them, too. I've kept many of the tools that were left behind in my garage, but I had to get rid of larger items, such as a broken exercise bike, so I could put my car in the garage. Very few people here put their cars in the garage, preferring to use it as storage space. I like my car in the garage because it's not unbearably burning hot when I get in it to make one of my important trips to the grocery store or dry cleaners.



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