Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rain gear

The weatherman predicted the rain would move off to the north and give the soil a chance to drain. I say the weatherman is a big fat LLPOF (liar, liar, pants on fire).
It was dry enough this morning that I could get to the blueberries without a Seadoo and water skies.
Still I wrote for most of the morning and Jilda did some projects she'd had on hold. The idea was that we'd get outside this afternoon and work in the yard a while.
We left long enough to pick up the final edit of my new book, and stop by the supermarket to get some bananas. As we stepped out of the car, this was the scene. The cloud is headed for our house. 
The drive home was slow because we could only see a few feet in front of the car. At one time it seemed to be raining sideways.
After this cloud moved on northward, I rearranged the deck furniture in case it had somehow trapped the low pressure system over our house and caused all the rain.
I know from experience that it's not nice to complain about Mother Nature because she can take the rain away for a very long time....just ask my friends in California.
I actually look pretty good in rain gear :)


  1. Oh my Rick.... that is quite the rain cloud... I seriously hope it passes soon...:-/

    1. All we got was rain from this one thank goodness.

  2. I'm so glad that there was no damage to you and yours from that storm cloud.
    I do have to admit, however, that it is beautiful to me.
    Wonderful photo!!

  3. That's really some cloud front!!
    Best to be observed from a distance, not from right right below it.....
    Ms Soup

  4. That's an ominous looking cloud. Very beautiful though. I love stormy skies. We've been having some crazy stormy skies in KY this week!

    1. They probably swept over your house too Keith.

  5. Clouds are amazing. It's hard to imagine the energy they contain.

  6. Ms. soup, how is the weather down under?

  7. That is a biggie.... Thank goodness clouds move on. That one is hanging low and looks menacing. Pretty unusual color too, like a photo enhanced. I hope the sky cleared and the sun is shining your way to dry things off.


  8. Wow...that's really something else. It's been wet here lately as well, but today it's mostly humid...more rain to come I'm afraid. Hang in there...sun has to come out sometime!

  9. Clouds can speak very loudly. Picking blueberries in a boat must be tricky.

  10. Looks the one we got last year and we had a rain the was the hardest one on a 100 years!
    But we need some more on the dry prairies. Hope you had a good day today and had a chance to work outside! Great LLPOF quote...


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