Tuesday, June 03, 2014

He Home Depot

Here's the thing. I know a lot of women go to Home Depot, and the corporation goes to great lengths to hire women, and design advertising to make the store look woman friendly, but from where I sit, The Home Depot is a guy store.

This week we took our great nephew Jordan with us to buy tile and paint. He just turned six, but he gets it. As we walked around the store he'd point to a drill and say, "Paw Paw needs that." When we walked by the grills, "Uncle Haven needs that." In the section where they sell decorative bricks and stepping stones he said, "We could put these around our fire pit." Everything that is ours is his and he knows that.

In fact, he found a home for almost everything we saw at the store.

I picked him up and sat him on a giant green and yellow John Deere lawn tractor. His eyes glazed over as he tested the wheels and shifted the transmission. "If you got this, I could cut your grass," he said. I smiled at the unintentional harbinger and thought, "You'll be cutting my grass for date money soon enough littleman."

Jilda shot the picture below and I'm not sure if the cropping was intentional, but you can see from the photograph of Jordan and Me. In the background was the store marquee  "He Home Depot." I think that's telling


  1. Perfect crop.
    And...Jordan is wise beyond his years!

  2. LOL serendipitous cropping indeed. And it's a good thing you didn't buy everything Jordan pointed out or you'd likely have to sell the computer that you just typed this on :)

  3. Jordan's got it all figured out. Better bring a lot of money when you take him shopping.
    hahaha. He can come cut my grass any time. I have a big sit on lawnmower and a push one too.

  4. lol We got a lawn tractor and our kids used to fight over grand dads tractor. They didn't have a license to drive back then. Even going to the nursery for plants I would go to the one with the electric carts and they would fight there too as to who would drive but try getting anyone to use the tractor now. Girls come first and the rest is the parents job.

  5. I always tell Jack that I love Home Depot and want a job there because I love the smell of fresh lumber...weird, I know! However, my Mom and Sis have had very different experiences with that store in Chicago. Mom would go in when she was a little younger...80...and when she needed help with moving some heavy bags of dirt they just looked at her and said...basically..get it yourself. HD delivered a very heavy sliding door to Mom's a few weeks ago and show up with one dude to lift it off a truck. My sister came out and noticed he was by himself. The guy said, "Hey can't you help?" Then he asked if anyone else was there that could help. My sis said: "Sure, I'll go get my 88yr old Mother out here". The one thing I do think is cool about HD are the classes for kiddos on Saturday that have them make something themselves...that looks like something Jordan would enjoy!

  6. Jordan is wise beyond his years. The photo is so true.


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