Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life jackets on my tomato plants

It's been cloudy for most of the day, but this afternoon the rain moved north, and in places, the evening sky was the color of lime sherbet. 
I went out this evening and put life jackets on the tomato plants. They require a lot of water, but it's better if the annual requirement doesn't fall in one afternoon.
I shot this photo with the Hipstamatic app and let it have its way with the light. 
This morning I had a doctor's appointment and the primary care doc said I looked great for an 80 year old. When I told him I was 63, he busied himself with something very interesting on his laptop and cut our conversation short.
Afterwards I had a Chamber of Commerce meeting, and then came home to write. Tonight I'm bone tired. I'll have me some hot tea, and fade into the night.
Happy Wednesday to you all.


  1. Made me smile...this post.
    So many reasons.
    (I'm 63 also, and I would have given that doctor the "evil eye" for sure.) :))
    Hope that the rain abates for a while...so that those tomatoes will feel better.

  2. Rick you look fabulous for 63... you do NOT look anything like you're 80... wow... I think that dr needed glasses..

  3. Doctors...some have a secret desire to be comedians...oh well! We got your rain..nothing heavy for us today. Beautiful picture!

  4. talking of Doctors...... do you ever take note of their handshake.
    some are firm and confident others well I don't know why they bother.
    We have been lucky and most of The Scot's one have a firm no nonsense one.
    I often think maybe they don't want to tell you the results.

  5. Funny my doc made a similar comment, so as you can imagine this made me giggle.

  6. this is cute!.. LOL!..


  7. Hahaha, this doctor must have failed at math or he secretly wanted to be a comedian.
    You look great for 63.

    I had to laugh at you putting life jackets on your tomatoes, maybe you should be a comedian too. I'm sure you could add a third dimension to your career. Writer, singer and comedian. That would work.

    Regarding your comment on my post...Maybe I should start buying secondhand appliances too. My first Enterprise stove lasted 35 years and it was heavily used as I cooked for boarders for years. The second stove is now 13 years old and I've replaced elements several times already. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. I sure hope that Doc was kidding! If not, he might not be the one you want to take care of you! Frankly, I tell most people I'm 75! When I went in to have that nasty spider bite taken care of (it's all healed now), the attending Doc listened to my heart and said it was "awesome"...I then said: "That's good, it matches my beautiful colon." Sometimes you just have to go with the flow! Hope those tomatoes are growing nicely!

  9. You are taking good care of those Tomato plant. Hope you feel all rested tomorrow.


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