Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let it coast

The other day on a walk, I came upon a rock bluff with a tree in bloom. I decided to shoot the photo with my Hipstamatic app. Sometimes I pick a lens and film at random and let the iPhone have its way with the subject.
Many times it's a bust, and I immediately delete the image from my camera. But sometimes the image is interesting and not at all what I thought it would be.
Our brains are taught to recognize patterns and categorize data so that it takes less brain power to process. I understand why it does this...if it had to process all new information as if it were unique (which if often is) it would slow your brain down to a crawl and probably overheat...especially in summer. But this image jumped out at me.
Sometimes I have to knock my brain out of gear and let it coast.


  1. This is a pretty cool picture Rick... I've had photos like that.. nice ;-)

  2. Definitely has a dream-like quality. Can almost see a creature coming out of the woods.

  3. Sure looks like modern art doesn't it.
    This one is something you should try painting.

  4. Hey Rick, That is the way I feel today, a bit tizzy...
    I am so going to remember to allow my brain to coast this vacation!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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