Sunday, June 29, 2014

Early-morning yoga

I got up before six this morning and punched the brew button on the coffeemaker. When I stepped out on the back deck, the clouds to the south were the color of salmon. After snapping a photo, I sat for a long while listening to the morning birds chattering and chirping in the pines.
This would be a good morning for yoga, I decided. So I fetched my mat and pulled the phone from my pajama pocket., dialed up a Calm Radio station on Pandora and hit play. The sound of an eastern flute drifted from the tiny speaker.
The mat flipped from my hand with a POP, and settled on the deck as flat as asphalt. Often when doing yoga, my mind races, no matter how hard I try to calm the jabbering monkey in my head. But today was different.
I felt the breeze on my face, heard wind tinkle the wind chimes, and noticed how my breathe felt as I exhaled through my nose.
Forty-five minutes flew past without notice and today I've felt a little taller. If only it could be that way each time.


  1. Wow, this is beautifully written, I was actually hooked the way I am when reading a book. You describe everything well I can imagine the setting nicely. And your yoga, too :)

  2. Glad the universe was at one with your inner self for yoga! Take care

  3. Sounds like a great way to start the day. We have way too many mosquitos to sit out on the deck in the morning unless I spray myself with fly dope. I fought mosquitos all the way to the barn this morning.

  4. I felt myself calming down just reading this! I'm with Julia..the skeeters would love it if I came out in the early morning! I guess I could open the sliding door in the livingroom and sit there! Love the pic...very pretty!

  5. Sounds soothing and a relaxing way to begin your day!


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