Saturday, June 07, 2014

Stormy weather

My cellphone just chirped and when I looked at the message, it was the storm alert system that send messages when fowl weather is near.
When I looked at the radar, nasty red and yellow stuff is swooping down from the north. Even as I type, the lights are flickering a little. I know from experience that this is lightening dancing on the powerlines.
So tonight's post will be short. I'll get the storm lights ready in case we lose power.
Below is what my mother-in-law called a spider bush. It started blooming this week. It's a beautiful thing to behold keeping our bottletree company.
I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. We had a similar storm alert this week.
    it was a scary situation....but thankfully, no problems here with us or any of our families.
    I always worry about those who don't have strong shelters/homes to live in.
    This summer is probably going to be filled with many unusual weather events. Just my thought.....

  2. Beautiful plant! The worst weather always comes from the north it seems.

  3. We had a thunderstorm while in church this morning. Just as Pastor finished reading a passage from the Bible a big boom of thunder was heard. God added his voice. : )

  4. Hope you stayed safe from the storm.
    That is one wicked cool photo!

  5. Rick, We had a Tornado drill and went down in the hole! We could see the storm approaching!
    All is safe and well here. We know storms come in the natural and the spiritual!
    Blessings, Miss Roxy

  6. We had a ton of rain this morning but a lovely night right now. I hope all is well with you guys..stay safe! Love the pic!


  7. the flowers are very pretty. I did have to smile about the chirp. The other day we were trying to find out where the message came from that verbally notified us of stormy weather. We did not know Sherry's phones did that. Later she saw it on the phone, that was in here purse.
    We are sorta behind the power curve on technology! (smile)

  8. Fowl weather? Is that when it rains chickens? It's a good thing I can entertain myself so easily.



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