Thursday, November 12, 2015

Among the living

I worked from home again just seemed simpler. Working my list of people interested in finding jobs, I left a lot of messages, but I reached some people.

By this afternoon, I felt much stronger. Jilda called on her way to work to ask if the yellow gas light on her car was "a bad thing."  No, I explained. It's actually a good thing because it's telling you you're running out of gas instead of a sputtering engine in the middle of busy intersection being your first clue that you need fuel.

She sighed a little and said she'd go to the station near where she worked when she got off. The problem is that it's already dark when she gets off.

I drove to her workplace, used my keys, and filled her tank with gas. It's only about 15 miles up there and as I said I was feeling stronger.

I wrote a note and left it in the driver's seat saying, "The fuel fairy was here," and then headed to the store to pick up milk and OJ.

The sun was brilliant. The weatherman predicted we'd have bad weather last night, but the storm gods smiled upon us and the turbulent clouds dissipated before they got here and all we got was a little more rain.

Today the sky was beautiful.  On the way back from filling Jilda's tank, I saw a subtle cloud rainbow. I tried to snap a picture, but cameras can't capture things that fragile.

I did get a picture of the sun setting on a field of sage grass. It wasn't a cloud rainbow, but it will have to do today.


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Around here I have a "marketing fairy"--you guys are handy to have around!!

  2. I hate being so sick. First you are afraid you will die then you are afraid you won't die. I'm glad you are feeling better. And what a considerate fuel fairy you are.

  3. Nice of you, some women do not like to fill the tank. My first wife could squeeze more out of a tank than seemed humanly possible. Whenever I got in the car the needle was always well past "E."

  4. I think my comment thingee is broken. This is the forth try. U B one nice guy.... And I did get it about the yellow light being a good thing. Most folk think it is a bad thing. ;-)
    Anyway if this doesn't go, me n mr Shingles is going to bed!

  5. That was a sweet thing to do and it got you out of the house. It sounds like you are slowly feeling better or a little less gross:) It has been a miserable day here-rainy and very windy

  6. Some talk the talk, some walk their talk.
    On behalf of ladies everywhere, thanks for being the latter!

  7. What a sweet thing to do!
    If you have a camera that accepts filters, a polarizing filter might capture the cloud rainbow. (You probably already know that.) The other thing you can do is increase the saturation when you edit your photo.

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better.
    So sweet of the fuel fairy to help Jilda out.
    Continue to take care of you....

  9. You're back in the land of the living! Three cheers.

    Good man playing the part of the Fuel Fairy. Does the Fuel Fairy dress in pink when it is on the job?

    Ms Soup

  10. I'm glad you are better and I'm sure someone else things the fuel very is pretty great too.

  11. I'm glad you're still alive and well. What a nice thing to do to go ad fill Jilda's tank. I'm pretty much on my own for those kind of things, even in the dark. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not pampered.

    I hope that you feel better today.

  12. I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly but glad to know you're on the mend.

    Everyone should have a fuel fairy in their life.. that's so sweet.

  13. Fuel fairies are tough customers and dedicated to setting things right. You did good.

  14. Now that was a good thing to do. You earned my wholehearted approval.



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