Thursday, November 05, 2015

November Sunset

The skies looked threatening most of the day today and just when I began thinking the sun may never shine again, it peeped out at sunset.

I've been saving up for a new computer to replace the workhorse in my office that I use for recording music, building websites, and heavy-duty graphics work. So today after work, I drove to the Apple store in Birmingham.

They make buying things painless. A young woman met me at the door and asked what I was looking for. I already knew what I wanted so I pointed to the screen at the computer. She pulled out her phone and clicked a few buttons as we stood there at talked.

A few moments later, a young man walked up from toward the back with my iMac.  I whipped out the cash and moments later I was wheeling toward home.

Just as I reached my exit I pulled to the shoulder and grab the photograph below.

(NOTE: My blog last night had a goofy error in the item about reducing the number of adverbs. The "stronger" word I used was also an adverb. Kezzie pointed it out in a comment, but a few others sent me an email mentioning it too. I'm thankful I started the entry out saying that I didn't know much about writing. As I often say, every day's a school day.)


  1. I didn't pick up on your grammar booboo, but I do try and limit my adverbs by choosing a stronger verb.

  2. Even though we need to cut down on adverbs they are useful descriptors. You are forgiven for using "stronger".

    1. Actually I went back to re-read the post using "stronger". Since you are using the word "verb" as a noun would "Stronger" be an adjective?

  3. How nice to have a new computer ! I am a mac lover. I'm sure you'll be busy setting it all up now. Beautiful sunset ! They surely do remind us to be thankful for another day !

  4. I'm a Mac user also and love my little MacBook Pro. I have a larger Mac computer but the pixels were burning up so the screen is messed up but it still works.

    I never noticed the mistake on your previous post. I wasn't paying attention in grammar class. It must be because I learned everything in French.

    I'm glad the sun came back out to give you hope. It's damp and overcast again today with fog. A real dreary day.

  5. Glad you got your iMac. Of course to be honest I have no idea exactly what that is (no joke). I smile at my own ignorance for not staying abreast of the electronic's world. But it is honestly hard for my mind to wrap around the advancements, especially being in on basically the ground floor. I remember when COBOL & FORTRAN were the cutting edge. And took night course to learn. But what has amazed me most is the English language and how it has changed since I used to skip school. LOL LOL, I cannot believe all these rules the proof readers tell me about. LOL One of my proof readers comments here on your blog. Good read, I like the humility also. SWEET!

  6. I didn't pick up the grammar error either:) I am in good company:) It is amazing how fast one can buy something this big-money wise I mean. You are ahead of me since I wouldn't have a clue how to install it. My ex would have to do that for me. I love your picture-very dramatic yet peaceful

  7. Enjoy your iMac! How I miss my old one. About your stronger misuse...sometimes people are obsessive about these things. It will pass.

  8. I am guilty of using far too many adverbs (and adjectives). But adverbs can be lovely things, and some rules are meant to be broken. Otherwise, Rhett Butler would not have said "Frankly" he would just have not given a damn. If we followed the rules, we couldn't row our boats merrily down the stream, nor could we smile thinly or broadly; we could only grimace or guffaw or something. :-D


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