Friday, November 13, 2015

Green room

We have lemon, orange, and grapefruit trees that are over 10 feet. They go outside in front of our great-room windows in the spring after the last chance for frost...and they thrive.

We've been anxiously watching the weatherman because the temps here are flirting with freezing. It's supposed to be 37 here tonight. The citrus trees don't enjoy 37-degree evenings but hasn't killed them in the past. But tomorrow, we'll need to bring them in.

That means Thanksgiving will be cozy this year with a house full of guests. The plants take up a good bit of space, but they turn our great room into a green room.

On a sad note, it breaks my heart to hear about what happened in Paris today. Let's keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    My God--that is so frightening about Paris!!

  2. Hoping that your citrus trees do well through this cold spell you are having.
    They endure pretty cold long as it's not too cold for too long.
    Praying for those in Paris. So sad.....

  3. A good smelling entry. I know it sure must give a great sense of woods with the inside greenery. I hope they bloom inside, what a scent!
    And yes, the news is sickening.

  4. The news in Paris is a shock. At the same time every country has to be vigilant because it could happen anywhere. We went below freezing last night. I felt sorry for the electrician who was repairing a problem we had outside. Even with the doors shut tight against the cold it was getting a little nippy in here by the time they turned the power back on.

  5. How nice to have trees like that to bring inside for the winter. I'd never though of doing that. We don't have citrus trees growing here due to the severe winters, maybe I should try growing one and bringing it indoors for the winter. Can't hurt to try.

    Prayers for all those in France. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Enjoy your weekend Rick. I hope your citrus trees continue to thrive and bear fruits. Such sad news about the massacre in Paris. Just beyond comprehension.

  7. The Paris horror fills all our hearts with sorrow, Rick. What is this world coming to? Susan

  8. I would love an orange tree, just saying as I love oranges also the horror of what happened in France leaves all of us shaken and sadden

  9. Your trees sound wonderful! I hope the frost stays away for a good long while.

    The situation is Paris is so tragic; I'm numb. I keep thinking of those poor people and how scared they must have been. And then - their families and their loss.

  10. Not bragging here in desert So. Calif., our citrus are outside year long, but very very thirsty. They are old trees, so the roots go deep.

    Paris will never be thought of the same. The world must be in shock. Maybe now allied military action will take down and destroy this evil.

  11. What a difference a couple of months makes in the weather. Today has been only 6C. The week coming it is supposed to be as high as 15C. My prayers are with the people who have been directly affected by the terrorist bombings. Horrible.


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